The HandGrenades

The HandGrenades


Indie rock influenced by Motown and the British Invasion, featuring 3 part harmonies and shimmering guitars.


“Whoever writes it, sings it.” Listen to The HandGrenades, and you’ll quickly understand. With three contributing songwriters out of a four-man roster, The HandGrenades are a talented bunch. Brothers Andrew & Tom Pawelski, along with Nick Chevillet, take turns sharing lead and backing vocalist duties (along with lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass), while Nile Rivers provides a consistent backbeat on the drums. If you’re digging a particular tune, be sure to check out who’s singing lead vocals, and you’ll instantly uncover the song’s mastermind.

With at least 5 years of songwriting under their belts, Detroit natives Andrew Pawelski and Nick Chevillet began to look for others to join in making music. In 2007, the elder Pawelski brother, Tom, joined the duo and shortly after, they snatched up the talents of drummer, Nile Rivers. This foursome quickly became known to local audiences as The HandGrenades.

Boasting a polished sound, with no shortage of catchy hooks, it’s not surprising that The HandGrenades cite The British Invasion as a primary influence. Additionally, prominent two and three-part harmonies are reminiscent of early Motown and undoubtedly contribute to the band’s rockin’ retro feel. The HandGrenades’ high-energy live shows are a definite must-see—as a staple of their engaging performance, they distribute instruments to the audience and invite them on stage.

The HandGrenades were signed to Sound Artifacts Music in August 2009 and are anxiously anticipating the nationwide release of their debut, self-titled, full-length record later this year. The album is currently available locally, in hard copy, and is set to break nationally via digital distributors this winter.


We have released 1 self-titled LP in 2009, 9 tracks, 4 of them can be heard on myspace, the album will be available digitally on November 14 on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and Last fm.

Set List

1. What Makes You Feel Good
2. Over You
3. The Last Time (Rolling Stones Cover)
4. Every Single Night
5. A Little Something
6.Ill See You 'Round
7. Waitin' On You
8.Love Ain't Easy, Love Ain't Free
9. Need Someone
10. Untitled