The Hands

The Hands


"Straight up rock and roll with a little bit '60s, a little bit garage, a whole lot catchy, and all kinds of fast!" - The Stranger. Sold out shows, radio airplay... "I am going to proclaim 2007, The Year of The Hands." - Sound On The Sound


Brothers in arms against the new New Wave!
The Hands are unlike any other! Five men who resist the trends without pretension, The Hands could care less about making it, unless by "it" you mean killer music and sweet love!
John Healy's charismatic bandleading & the group's high energy and scruffy good looks make The Hands an exciting & engaging live show!
Five pieces that know when it's kinda slow or when it's all go!
Borrowing from the sounds of the past, The Hands make the rock & roll that's here to stay & away we go, swept up in the infectious grooves of the outta sight sounds of now, and probably tomorrow too!
Thumping bass, screaming solos, peace & violence!
The Hands are a comment on the duality of man!


"So Sweet" EP - Released October 2006
Peaked at #2 on KEXP's charts, staying in the top 20 for over three months.

Set List

Typical Set: 40 minutes, no covers:
Rock'n'Roll Is Dead
Lonely Way
So Sweet
Cold Ground
Praying Hands Will Make Fists
No One