The Handshake

The Handshake


I started working with keyboards and electronic music when I was still only a preteen. I recently decided to take it to a serious level all while keeping up with something fun and dancy that everyone can enjoy. I really just want people to enjoy what I do as much as I do.


I first heard Joy Electric when I was six years old. The amount that Ronnie Martin inspired me is still evident today as I finish up my debut album fifteen years later. I began to dabble in electronica/experimental music when I was in my preteens, but kept up with it until it became more than just a hobby. I'm currently putting the final touches on my album and have already started working on music for my second album. Writing and playing is second nature to me. I want to bring something to the music industry that people of every age can appreciate and enjoy.


Secret, Secret! will be released spring 2008.

Set List

I like to play about five or six songs and end with a cover of either Joy Electric or A Flock of Seagulls.