the Handsome Ones

the Handsome Ones


Attractive Productions Records proudly presents 'It's a Lie', the debut release from The Handsome Ones...rock music that touches on styles as diverse as soul, country and western, middle-eastern, klezmer, and even funk-- yet retains a distinctive style all its own.


The Handsome Ones are a Seattle-based band consisting of two guitars, bass and drums. However, despite the "normal" instrumentation, their sound is anything but normal. Incorporating styles as diverse as Middle-Eastern music and Klezmer, The Handsome Ones push the boundaries of rock music to new levels. The album 'It's a Lie' showcases the H1's diverse talents, spanning genres while retaining a style distinctly their own. The songs chosen for internet release highlight the band's penchant for experimentation, quickly progressing beyond the tropes of alternative rock to more experimental territory.
The seeds of the H1's were sown over a decade ago, when Kenny invited Noel to play in his band, Skrocki, which eventually devolved until the remanents of Merlin's band, House of Snacks, took Kenny in. The result of this musical congress was Mopar, a funky, soulful rock band. Quite a few Mopar songs have found their way into the Handsome Ones' catalog. Years later, when Noel returned from the North, and Merlin from the South, Floyd, who had quit playing in bands after a stint with Bionic, decided to give it another chance and was recruited to round out the line-up; his return to music was due to finally finding the elusive, 'kindred spirits,' necessary to creating a catalog of songs in which each member could find satisfaction, and a growing audience would find entertaining, with something a little deeper than the average rock band was capable of offering. Hailing from different parts of the country, their eventual assemblage in Seattle has led them to explore multiple genres, their distinctively original sound lacing the disparate/distinct sounds/songs into a cohesive whole.


Three songs from The Handsome Ones' album 'It's a Lie' have been released under a Creative Commons license. The songs are free to distribute in their entirety, as long as credit is given and they are not used for commercial purposes. The songs are released as high-quality variable-bitrate MP3, and are available to download from, as well as from OurMedia and The Internet Archive.

Set List

The H1's have a growing catalog of over 75 original songs, and has played up to three forty-five minute sets in one evening. Because of the range of genres THO touch upon in their songs, they can tailor a set to match the style appropriate to a variety of venues.