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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Electro rock gets back to it's roots."

Electro rock gets back to it's roots.
This is great old skool electro music with all the elements that made synths and style rule the 80's. With from the Talking Heads and Lou Reed'esque vocals the lyrics are simply hot. Very catchy with the only current equivilent being System of a Down in dexterity and dynamics.

With the kitsch retro music ruling the indie scene right now this song has it's own unique place in that it takes itself seriously without forgetting that it is here to entertain and it relies less on what is hip and more on what the musicians feel.

The production is very raw and tight helping create the sense of realness. Not over-produced like current electronic music but simple and sincere.

This song is a tribute to great music of the past packaged in a memorable song for today.

- SPORKsuffer
New York
May 31st, 2005 -

"Righteous Road Song Review"

Though merely 2 minutes and 54 seconds, this little sucker spills out a lot of juice at me! Certainly a milestone in the canyon! Not only is this composition highly entertaining, it is also enticingly cute, with the keen sense to spook. It also has amazing dance ability. Though I say dance, dare I say dance, this is not your ordinary dance music. In other words this is not your ordinary spider web; this one you see has many strange twist and turns. In bizarre fashion, this little piece of excitement makes me think of great the old Halloween tunes of the past. Like Little Red Riding Hood, Monster Bash, etc. Though this tune is not targeted to that realm, the vocals make me lean there. These guys could certainly make a very hip, cool Halloween CD, perhaps rekindling tales of old, or making new ones. Very talented artist or group here, who makes 1 round of boxing more exciting then the 10 rounder! So now about this hidden jewel: You only have to wait about 20 seconds for the vocals to enter, and they fit virtuously on the plate, and even though this is short there are three different vocal attacks, each rising above the other, eventually propelling one to great limits, and perhaps even further, into the outer limits. For the first 2 minutes this composition is simplistic, but the key here is it works, for what is to come, I find quite amazing. The last minute is exquisite in its ghoulish beauty, and a very nice emphases put on key work, as well as an overall progression, to a great finale. And so I find this little song quite unique, I could see a musical Halloween parody of sorts coming from these guys. Great work, short, visually swift, and to the point composition. A nice, cool little adventure that speaks words to my mind! Very cool indeed, I like this!

“The righteous road has too many boundaries
These feelings are never going to go away”
- PHDARK-Connecticut-3Apr2005 - PHDARK


Son Of A Bitch
Righteous Road (electronic track of the day 6-10-05 on
Run Away
Believe Me Nancy


Feeling a bit camera shy


THE HANDSOME PUBLIC is New York’s only progressive
rouge pop band. Fueled by blazing beats, mayhem laced
lyrics, and two crooning voices, their performance has
been described as something entirely out of the
THP formed in 2004 when Dr. Rosen Rosen and Vickers
Bastard Gringo began work on the reality T.V. show
“I’m Going To Find That Son Of A Bitch.” The pilot was
never picked up, but the infectious theme song written
by Gringo and Rosen became an instant hit amongst the
music scene.
With a sound completely their own, THP defy category,
loved by Punks, Rappers and Metalheads alike. THP
share the stage with an eclectic mixture of New York
Bands, from the ukulele girl group The Hazzards to NYC
punk staple Banana Fish Zero to psycho Jew rap unit
Team Facelift.
Cult following intact, THE HANDSOME PUBLIC continues
to wow audiences and recruit new fans at every show.