The Hanslick Rebellion

The Hanslick Rebellion


The most fearless band on Earth. We'll try anything... and we'll probably pull it off.


The Hanslick Rebellion is a ROCK GROUP like they don't make 'em any more. Formed in Albany, NY in 1995 by a couple of teenagers—keyboardist Jed Davis and bassist Mike Keaney—the band rocketed though an immensely successful two-year run in upstate New York, performing its singular brand of brash, honest, visceral-yet-thoughtful rock and roll in front of thousands in the region. They recorded one album, a scorching live tape called the rebellion is here. Then they did what teenage rockers do: flame out. The Rebellion ended in April of 1997 and its two founders didn't speak for the better part of a decade.

But ten years later, the four members of The Hanslick Rebellion found themselves face-to-face once again, instruments in hand, 200 miles south of the band's birthplace—at a rehearsal studio in New York City. There had been other bands for the H-Rebels since 1997: Collider, Provan, Citizen Fury, Rhythm Ritual. There had been session success: Jessica Simpson, The Deuce Project, Bandcamp. There had been songwriting credits: tunes recorded by Daniel Johnston, King Missile, the surviving Ramones. But neither Jed nor Mike, nor guitarist Alex Dubovoy and drummer Mike Kearns, felt like they had ever approached the power and passion they once generated together. After a series of chance meetings, they agreed to put all the old baggage aside and just jam. One time.

Once felt good enough to try twice. Twice became a weekly thing. Weekly sessions made the band tighter and hotter than ever before. And one show—a packed and rabid house at CBGB on the 10th anniversary of the Rebellion's first gig—was enough to solidify the unit. The rock group that Metroland critic J. Eric Smith hailed as "possibly the finest band to ever call Albany home" has returned to finish some business.


The Deli Of Life EP (Eschatone Records, May 2007) | added to rotation on more than 130 independent radio stations; featured the video single "You Are Boring The Shit Out Of Me" (10,000 views in its first month on YouTube)

the rebellion is here (Eschatone Records, July 2007); currently in rotation on 70+ independent radio stations throughout the United States

Set List

Our set can last from 30 minutes to two hours - we have a repertoire of roughly 20 songs and we like to jam on a number of those. Cover tunes include Del Shannon's "Runaway", The Modern Lovers' "Pablo Picasso", and a medley of "Sugar Sugar" and "Heroin".