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The Happening don't want to be famous, they want to be musical icons. They play music with a 'voice' - and this generation of kids, like everyone before them, needs a 'voice' - that's what makes The Happening so iconic! It's time to listen...


The Happening were formed when JC moved to Sydney from Perth and met up with the 'E-man', Erik Rynberg in 2001. Like smoke in a pipe these two musical talents wrapped around each other and found in each other that rare musical 'other'. JC explains: "i just arrived in Sydney, put an add in the Drum Media mag, E-man answered, i went over to his place, we lit a couple of smokes & played a couple of songs. I don't remember much talking, but by the end of the session we were as tight as a duck's @##!!. That's musical gold."

Slowly the music and the band developed - adding Craig Norvill (Mr radioactive) on drums & David 'hush hush' Stabback on keys along the way. "Smooth," Craig explains, "everyone had the groove right from the start. This is easy playing with these guys."

The Happening spent about 12 months playing in sydney's inner west: at the Karrie Hotel & Balmain's Cat 'n' Fiddle as well as JC performing acoustic, unplugged solo sessions of their music, supporting Emma Donavan on one gig.

In May 2006 The Happening entered the studios for their first (demo) CD "The Blue Box Recording Sessions." Erik is kind of happy with the outcome: "yea, i mean, it's ok, could always do better, i guess. But we were on a tight budget. Everything was one take, except for me, i had all the guitar tracks - that was a lot of work. But for what it is, it's good i reckon. Play it a few times, play it can feel the passion all right."

Their music & their sound?...
"We're trying to say something." (JC) "We're just bored of the whole postmodern, neo-conservative, superficial, self centred, egotistical scene that's left us with nothing but indifference & chaos & opportunistic warmongering. At least we're passionate - & not about fuckin' shopping or the lastest technology gismo or some self sycophantic trip. The X's & Y's need to wake up a little & that's what we're trying to do - have a little bit of that Dylan, or Clash or even Midnight Oil affect on them - we'll see..."

This music harks back to the likes of Dylan & The Faces, gets funnelled through the thrash of The Clash & The Jam and comes out to the 'now' of a new sound with grooves to cut your soul & lyrics with attitude. These guys have something to say, and at least their not afraid of saying it. It's acoustic rock that paints an emotional scene with an eclectic blend of rattling rock sounds & dynamic moody refrains.

In all, a band to watch out for as they fine tune their musical skills & song writing craft. Their combination of musical talent, passionate belief & high-energy might just be the right mix to make The Happening the next big happening thing!


Tides Are Turning (for you and I)

Written By: JC Diamonds


Here I am now sending you
Crazy little messages hope they get thru
But don’t you worry now, take it easy
The tides are turning for you and I

Thru the shadows and the moon shine
I see the morning sun blazing the sky
And in the distance lie you and I
All of our dreams begin to fly

I believe in love - all of the time
Crazy, crazy love - it’s yours and mine

There they go now across the seas
Pray they return safe hearts at ease
Those who choose these things never pay
Stoke the fires of hate then walk away

I believe in peace - all of the time
Crazy, crazy peace - it’s yours and mine

Thru the shadows and the moon shine
I see the morning sun blazing the sky
But don’t you worry now just take it easy
The tides are turning for you and I

© JC Diamonds 2006
All rights reserved.


Written By: JC Diamonds

Sieg Heil…

Now there’s a man who don’t care for me no more
there’s something ‘bout me he chooses to ignore
he suits me up and marches me to war
he thinks the bombs will bring peace and love to all

And stupid men lie to themselves again
they think it’s fun to play with lives of men
do you believe or choose to think more than them?
Pick a side and become passionate

I hope these words haunt you to your grave
the sounds of innocence –

And powerful men never wear consequences
while you and me shoulder every little thing
if that’s unfair then join together friends
ring the bell let’s fight the government

I hope these words haunt you to your grave
the sounds of innocence –
And I pray and cry each night and day
for the sounds of innocence –

And here and now it’s you and me who are kings
the power puppets are our servants
fight, defend and remain vigilant
and pin the bastards with their own consequences –

Sieg Heil …
Sieg Heil Bush, Sieg Heil Blare, Sieg Heil Johnny Boy, do you dare ….

© JC Diamonds 2006
All rights reserved.

So Where's My Cut

Written By: JC Diamonds


How do you feel with this little deal
Leviathan rules by the grace of you
But it seems you get so little in return

Give up your right, give up your might
Give it all for him so he may live
But when there’s trouble man you’re the one who gets hit

Water I see water is coming down in waves
Water I see water please wash away the haze of today (from these days)

First there’s a war no body wants
Then there’s a flood but who gives a fuck
Here or there man you get suckered punch

Black man dying, black man get shot
Black man drowning but that’s his lot
But how much more before enough’s enough

I know you feel their poison seeping through
I know you feel angry and confused
I know you feel there’s nothing you can do
But you have the power to choose –

Water coming down, water all around
You’d think they’d care but life ain’t that fair
It all depends on your skin and where you live

Blind man to lead, lying man does preach
Selfish little cunts keeping all the cuts
It’s time to rise or else they’ll leave you behind

© JC Diamonds 2006
All rights reserved.


The Blue Box Recording Sessions - May 2004 6 track demo EP

Set List

So where's my cut
Realise you're mine
Don't let it Rain
I hope you Feel Me
Me Refugee
I Believe
Time Flies
One night while You weren't Here
Love's Little Doubts
Tides Are Turning
Battle Cry Baby
Forever Friends