The Happen-Ins

The Happen-Ins

 Austin, Texas, USA

Austin TX Purveyors and Facilitators of the Rock Gods, Sweat and Rnb. New Record Glamour Shots to be released Fall 2014-hide yer daugters.


A Biographical Love Letter

Dear Dream Listener,

Sometimes, these changes take time, baby. Weve had our ups and weve had our downs, weve had our time apart. But regardless of you may feel, or how it may seem, our devotion has not wavered. Despite the absence that time and space have wrought, we cannot allow the distance to define us.

Let us instead be defined by the places that weve been, the same places to which we will return and by those to which we will still journey.  Think about when we first met. Things didnt seem so perfect then either did they? Half of us had just gotten out of long-term relationships with our first loves, the Dedringers and Lomita, our first bands. I get your apprehension: some of us had even had affairs running off to play with such characters as Craig Finn, Hayes Carll, Alejandro Escovedo, Roky Erikson or Phosphorescent, and made no efforts to cover our tracks. Even then in the beginning, between the singers and guitarists Ricky Ray Jackson and Sean Faires, and rhythm guys Falcon Valdez and John Michael Schoepf,  we were spread thin. Somehow, we still managed to make it work.

We both had our second guesses there in the genesis, but recall the first time we went all the way:  even The Houston Press said our self-titled 2010 debut had  "Stonesy grime and dash of old soul that makes the album one of the best to come out of Texas this year", and the Austin Chronicle recognized it with 3 out of four stars as "Maximum fuzz RnB". But we didnt do it for themwe did it for you. It was, and still is, all for us.

Remember how nervous you were about our first tour with Roky Erickson?  Remember how quickly your jitters were put at ease when you saw John Michael assume responsibility for Rokys bottom end? That was for you. And when we found ourselves in the pages of June 2011s Free People catalogue? That was for you too.  It was magic then. We explored everything together and found new exciting ways to reach you when we  traveled to NYC to play John Varvatos Live and it landed us our publishing deal with Primary Wave Music. We even got a little kinky with songs placed on shows like FOXs The Good Guys, and took it even farther with one on TBS Networks Cougar Town. It was all so fresh and exciting then.  But as it always does, the hot and heavy cools.

It wasnt you; it was us. But sometimes a band has to take a step back, search its soul. It was time to begin a new chapter, one where we grow into taking care of all the things that a mature relationship deserves. 

We know your love cant be won cheaply, and were not coming back empty-handed. During our time apart we got together with producer Mike McCarthy and made you a brand new record: its called Glamour Shots, and we think youre really going to love it. Its got all the fire of our first tryst, coupled with the reflection and understanding that only distance can provide. Well have it all signed, sealed, and delivered for you by September 2014. It may seem like a long time, but the worst thing we could do would be to rush back in. 

We also had to bid farewell to one of our greatest assets in Ricky Ray. Dont worry, you had nothing to do with it. The love he provided for you still exists and you can visit him all the time on Glamour Shots. Its just that he can love you best from his own angle. Catch him around with Phoshporescent and many other great bands.

Dont be sad either, when one door closes another opens and weve welcomed Evan Charles into the fold. Its never easy to move on after you've shared so much and become so familiar with someone, but we know that you will grow to love Evan just as much as we do. We took him on a couple dates, and hes really the kind of man we feel will spend some time fulfilling our needs. He even helped out on our trip to Arlyn Studios where we've already started the groundwork for a follow-up EP to Sept 2014s Glamour Shots.  

We understand its been a long time, and that youll have to think things over. But babe, were ready to prove ourselves to you. Were ready to show you what makes a man a band.

With love, and all that it entails,

The Happen-ins

Sean, Evan, John Mike, Falcon


The Happen-Ins , Self Titled, March 2010

The Happen-Ins,  Caged Beast/ Classy Broad 7" Single, March 2011

The Happen-Ins , Glamour Shots due to be released Fall 2014

Set List

45-90 99% originals