The Happy Maladies

The Happy Maladies

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Happy Maladies isn't your normal folk band. Combining the intimacy of a string quartet, the harmonies of jazz, and the emotional ride of a roller coaster, their genre is best titled as "chamber-folk". The music weaves through three part harmony, dense chords, and winding melodies at every turn.


Since Spring of 2008, The Happy Maladies have been living, loving, and learning in their home of Cincinnati, Ohio. The quartet met in the Queen City and began a group in the model of a Django Reinhardt cover band, but it was not long before the band started writing originals and took off on a new tangent. Using nothing except acoustic instruments and wild hearts, they tend to concoct unnamable moods in the bellies of their listeners and aim at presenting a comfortable and welcoming ambiance wherever they go.

The Happy Maladies are in the midst of recording and mixing their sophomore album, "Panic at the Picnic" through Curtis Inc. studios and Jacob Tippey. The release date for the upcoming record is early July!


LP, Sun Shines the Little Children (2009)

EP, new again (July of 2012)

Set List

All original music... Wooh!