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"The Harbour Sound Release Acoustic Video For CBC “Searchlight: All Points West” Contest - Feb 28, 2013"

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- To celebrate making the second round of CBC’s “Searchlight: All Points West” contest, The Harbour Sound has released an acoustic video for their latest single, “Summer Night.”

To view the video, please use the following link:

Searchlight is a national competition, created by CBC Music and CBC Radio One, in search for the best new Canadian music act. Searchlight: All Points West is the regional round of the competition, and it aims to discover the best local talent on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Tune in to All Points West on CBC Radio One or check back here for the latest contest updates.

Download the new single, “Summer Night,” for free:

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EP Track Listing:

1. Breaking The Ice
2. Milksteak feat. Matt Postal
3. All Mine Now feat. Carly Crocker
4. You, Me, And Mackenzie
5. The Blitz
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"The Harbour Sound CD Release Performing, "The Blitz""

Victoria's The Harbour Sound played their EP release show with Living With Lions and Everyone Everywhere. Check them out performing their song, "The Blitz" below. - From The Garage

"EP Review"

Everyone seems to take life for granted, they take in all the scenery and experiences not knowing how it shapes them. After talking with The Harbour Sound member Mike Battle his insight opened my eyes a bit more, these guys are going straight forward knowing they have no control of their immediate future. They put everything they got into making their music available, having shirts and CDs available and still finding some way to keep their own lives away from music as secure as possible. The sacrifice given to the people they play for and who buys their merchandise can be more difficult to deal with at times, somehow they figure it out and I give them kudos for how much they push the limits.

I approached them after hearing their EP on their Bandcamp page, these guys are truly amazing. It is hard to make an impact on the music scene these days but somehow they are able to, their Punk Rock styling drives the listeners to hear their lyrics. I keep going back to the song “Breaking The Ice” and want to have everyone listen to it. It talks about the struggle of how it is hated how people play a role and they do not listen to the people around them. It is easy to relate to because we all have people that frustrate us, we do not know how to deal with it at times but it keeps happening. These people can be a friend who does not listen, a girlfriend you cannot tell anything to or just someone you really need realize how much they make your life hell. They put a lot of hard work writing the songs they sing and it is not easy to put your emotions into words and hope people understand it, I am amazed to see how well they do it.

I would like to encourage everyone to go to their Bandcamp page and download it, you can name your price which is a good. I ask that you give them something studio time does not come cheap we lose a lot of amazing bands to the lack of return of investment into what they pay out of their pocket. We cannot lose The harbour Sound they have to stick around, put in five dollars or more if you can it is a lot cheaper than buying a CD in store or anywhere else and it goes back where it is supposed to go. If you do not have a way of paying online they are playing at Headliners in Nanaimo, BC on September 1st, 2012. They have shirts you can buy, get one and get a free dropcard. The dropcards are passes to instant album download. They go for three dollars normally but I say give them five what is a couple extra dollars. The shirts look cool and by getting something you would be doing your job as a supporter to a band that matters. - Defined By Music


The Harbour Sound - Self Titled EP(2012)
The Harbour Sound - Summer Night Single(2013)
The Harbour Sound - Due out Spring 2014.



When successful high school bands break up, they tend to lead to bigger and better things. The Harbour Sound is a textbook example of this progression. After the dissolve of former Torque Records group, Along Way Home, the remaining members looked for a more mature way of approaching the pop-punk genre.

The remaining members, Moe Graff, Seb Asselin, and David Fullwood decided to start from scratch, bringing Western Canadian music veterans Mike Battle and Eric Paone (former Madigans) onto the team.

The first Harbour Sound EP was released in February 2012. The five-song, self-titled collection was the ultimate culmination of the band’s collective upbringing and relationship with the occasionally monotonous Canadian pop-punk scene. It was an effective introduction to the fresh direction the group wanted to take their sound without abandoning their roots. The band recruited David’s good friend, Matt Postal (former Living With Lions) to perform a cameo on the track, “Milksteak” in an effort to honour those values. For the guys, the recording and production of the EP was a big stepping-stone the bigger and better.

Musical epiphanies don’t come by everyday. For The Harbour Sound, it took a couple inspiring performances from a favourite band to realize that there is more that goes into music than just writing guitar lines. The group began to be more cognizant of textures and professionalism in their songwriting.

The Harbour Sound is currently working on their string of material due out in the spring. The band’s outlook on songwriting has shifted since their first release, favouring a more eclectic sound, taking pieces from a broader palette of influences.