The Hard Goodbye

The Hard Goodbye


Uh, yes, music! Rock, yes....Alt, Indie, Rock, Punk, Pop, Psychedelic, uh huh......uh, If you and I were trapped in an elevator together and our music happened to be playing, god...that'd be such sweet relieving irony. We're good and we have two albums+ of good and we're ready to tour. nuff said?


As told by (young) Bo Fahs (

It's almost too easy, you know? I mean. I don't mean to disrespect anyone in the music industry. But I'm saying. It's almost too easy to glom on to some weird new sound, and explore some bizarre niche for a little while. You'd become a critical darling for a minute. Press a collectable seven-inch. And that's great, man. It really is.
But it doesn't endure. How many of those electroclash albums do you listen to these days?
I honestly think it takes more, what, more chutzpah, to approach music the way the cats in The Hard Goodbye do. Matt, Ethan, and Jesse make big, anthemic rock and roll.
They certainly experiment. They're certainly a collection of outrageous individuals. But because they're not inextricably married to some particular esoteric sound, they are also accessible.
The Hard Goodbye, though, makes music and delivers it in a way that is more than just palatable. You will love their songs.

Listen. I'm not in The Hard Goodbye. I am not being paid to say this. This is what I actually think. You can trust me. Here's the deal: The Hard Goodbye could be the band that could save the radio.


"The Hard Goodbye", 2006
"Secret Police" (the secret single), 2006
"Everybody Wins", 2007

Set List

Cruel and Unusual
Taken Lightly
Coming Home
Crabapple Tree
(various Instrumental)
Yellow Brick Road
Fight the Suits
Land Safely
She Said