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"AUSTIN 360 : SXSW Review - The Hard Lessons and Vampire Who?"

Vampire who? While that might be overstating the case — though as one Spin party VIP attendee said in reference to turbo-hyped band Vampire Weekend, “It isn’t exactly Beatlemania down there” — the New York combo had a lot to contend in Stubb’s basement Friday afternoon. That was where Detroit indie/soul/rock trio The Hard Lessons were brought in for two blistering sets by Spin honchos apparently looking to add some muscle to the B-team lineup inside.

They made the right choice. Tables overlooking the concert pit became de facto front-row balcony seats as soner guitarist Augie Visocchi, keyboardist/singer Korin Cox and drummer Christophe Jajac-Denek plowed through everything from indie-pop (“Milk and Sugar,” “See and Be Scene”), to Cox’s soul-fueled shouts like “Carey Says” and “Don’t Shake My Tree.”

There weren’t many occupied forks in the place by the end of either set, proof that a trip to the stage outside in years to come wouldn’t be a stretch for these folks. - Chad Swiatecki for Austin 360

"The Hard Lessons: Chicago Show Review"

Conversation quickly turned to politics on September 26 as the Hard Lessons took the stage just hours after the first presidential debate between Chicago’s own Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain. As whispers of excitement carried to the front of the room, singer Augie Visocchi couldn't help but exclaim, “We just saw your boy on TV!" which drew unanimous cheers from the crowd.

But it was Visocchi's own state-of-the-union address that turned the night into an inaugural celebration as he proudly introduced his first lady and “wife of one month and three weeks,” singer-keyboardist Ko Ko Louise. The happy couple, along with drummer Christophe Zajac-Denek (aka the Anvil), proceeded to toast their receiving line with 11 beautifully packaged parting gifts, highlighting the best of this summer's B&G Sides (Quack Media).

B&G Sides is clearly a story of a boy and a girl, given over to lustful notebook scribbling and Kleenex-dried heartbreak on "The Painter" and "Everything Away." But as the cover art of an innocent seesaw romance illustrates, it's the give-and-take of the duo's undeniable chemistry that makes the Hard Lessons more than just an experiment.

Combining the sweetness of Johnny Cash and June Carter on "See and Be Scene," the spunk of Jack and Meg White on "12345678," and the power of Ike and Tina on "Don't Shake My Tree," the merry-go-round of musical styles so akin to their Detroit upbringing spun the evening into a thrilling ride that didn't let up until a second impromptu set by audience demand.

Throughout the night, Visocchi and Louise continually proved that opposites attract in this perfect union of sound. The dark-haired Visocchi, who took swigs of PBR between guitar solos, sang his rebellious "story of Johnny Rotten, Kurt Cobain, and Elliott Smith." On the other side of the stage, the blonde Louise stood hidden behind her keyboard, belying a powerful, yet salty, voice that left remnants of another blues-singing Koko.

Louise's attitude and range often gave her the centerstage spotlight, with emotional pleading on "Come Back to Me" and outright command on "Don't Shake My Tree," two of the strongest songs of the night. While she clearly proved all the makings of a solo artist, her ability to play with the best of the boys gave her an edge of power that would have been lost without the ranting and raving behind Visocchi's guitar and Zajack-Denek's marching beats.

The night wrapped with a sad farewell to the pint-sized drummer before heading to his final show in Detroit. While the split of parties could prove a hard lesson to take, as Visocchi and Louise left the stage arm in arm, they proved that the future held a promise of change and a honeymoon that was far from over.

September 26, 2008, at the Beat Kitchen
By Selena Fragassi
Published: September 29th, 2008
- Venuszine


Arms Forest (May 2009)
B & G Sides (2008) Quack! Media
Hey Hey My My (2007)
Wise Up! (2006)
Gasoline (2005)



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