The Hard Parts

The Hard Parts


A music marketer’s nightmare and a music fan's dream, The Hard Parts worship at the altar of The Hook and will go wherever they must to find it: 60's pop, new wave, indie-rock, even musical theater. One listen will have you humming all day, but there's enough depth to reward the repeat listener.


The Hard Parts combines 60's rock n' roll, New Wave and Indie Rock into a delicious musical salad with your choice of dressing. Think The Kinks, The Talking Heads, Paul Simon, They Might Be Giants, Wilco, Brian Eno, Brian Wilson, The Beatles and The Postal Service and you're starting to get warm. Remove your sweater. You are less warm now, and thus more comfortable. The Hard Parts aims to create recordings and live performances that are fun, catchy and melodic, while still being heartfelt and unusual.


Back Home

Written By: Jordan Yaruss

He swore he'd never go back home
But things can change when there's no money
That's not to say he'll ask someone
No this is closer to the bone
And there's no time for saying sorry
Besides, his pride is worth too much

Planning it out
Arriving on time
When he knows she'll be at work
Under the porch
Lit by the sun
Slanting through the wood above
On a rusty nail the spare key sparkles where it's hung

The house inside is cool and dark
His room exactly how he left it
All the furniture so small
A sheen of dust on everything
Growing up here, it's a wonder
He could ever breathe at all

Closing his eyes
Shaking it off
Decides it's time to get it done
Climbing the stairs
Crossing the hall
To his mother's room above
To the plaster wall with the hidden hole behind the chest of drawers

The valuables, a little cash
But as he's zipping up the bag
A car pulls up, the front door slams
Oh no, this was not the plan

Nowhere to hide
Sickened inside
Standing frozen to the spot
Handsome and tall
Crossing the hall
Seems his mother's found a friend
Who snarls like a dog and lunges for a box that used to hold cigars

Turning to run, sound of the gun
Mother comes in and screams, "my son!"
"I thought you said your kid was dead!"
"He swore he'd never come back home."

Stay Down

Written By: Jordan Yaruss

When you're sad
Feeling bad
You been knocked down
You’re on the ground
But you remember that you’re strong

Stay down

You’ve been kicked
Feeling sick
On the floor
Been there before
If you think that you’ll fight back

Stay down

Out of harm’s way
You’ll be safe
You’ll be safe
Stand up and face
A mistake
You may not take

Stay down

Listen to shouts
From the crowd
That say you’re through
Another round
Could surely be
The end of you

Stay down

Not Moving Me

Written By: Jordan Yaruss

You can push all the people you wanna
You can push them right into your way
Good people will do what they're gonna
In spite of the traps that you lay (with your)

Icicle hands
Stone chisel teeth
Wind-tunnel mouth
Sledgehammer feet
Trampling the ground
Shaking the sea
Toppling a house
Freezing the street
Not moving me

They say you catch more flies with honey
But honey your money won't fly
It's funny with all of your money
You can't buy a good way to disguise (your)

Icicle hands
Stone chisel teeth
Wind-tunnel mouth
Sledgehammer feet
Kicking up dirt
Howling through trees
Chipping away
Hardening dreams
Not moving me

With all of your influence
Could be building a town
Not tearing it down

Icicle hands
Stone chisel teeth
Wind-tunnel mouth
Sledgehammer feet
Crumbling the bridge
Flying debris
Cutting the cord
Breaking me free
Not moving me


The Hard Parts - The Hard Parts Pop Up, 10/06
Jordan Yaruss - The Circles, 8/04

Set List

We typically play 45 minutes, but can do two sets totalling 1.5 hours. We play almost exclusively originals, with an occasional cover.