The Harlem Shakes

The Harlem Shakes


Recently opened for The Walkmen, Junior Senior, Phantom Planet, the Go!Team, Morningwood, Maroon 5, The Dead Sixties, The Sun, and more, these boys are sure to take their place soon on the national stage.


The Harlem Shakes are Brent, Lexy, Jose, Ian and Kendrick, five American kids who converged in New York City to fulfill their lifelong dreams of professional musicianship and perpetual adolescence. The Shakes play rock ’n roll primarily influenced by their obsession with the Beatles and sixties soul: each of their songs are driven by an indelible melody that rests atop a cohesive collection of instrumental hooks and harmony. Throw in a dash of Talking Heads and Prince-style funk and you've got the unique, contemporary sound that has the Shakes packing
21+ venues all over the Tri-State area (and New Haven, CT for that matter… and inexplicably, a chilling Shakes fixation also exists in Dobbs Ferry, New York).
The Shakes are the only band in history to play with both Wire and Maroon 5, thus attesting to the breadth of the band's appeal. Their music touches the Flock of Seagulls haired hipsters, the sexually impressionable young-girls and most importantly, the headphones wearing, vinyl-collecting music people across the world. Based on their incendiary James Brown-inspired live shows and the strength of a demo they recorded in Brent's living room with a mic they couldn't afford and promptly returned after finishing their vocals, the band landed gigs opening for the Walkmen, Junior Senior, Phantom Planet and the Go!Team. After hearing their first demo, Phantom Planet became dangerously infatuated with the Shakes and their bassist, Sam Farrar, promptly decided to executive-produce and produce-produce the Shakes new demo. The band even saw a coyote in Los Angeles while recording, but they didn't get scared at all! What a fearless lot…
The Shakes make music that you'll hear blaring from your teenage children's door now or twenty years from now, and they pride themselves on making the sort of relentlessly melodic, soulful, nostalgia-inducing pop music that stands the test of time. So take notice all and you too can say that you were one of the first to know when the rest of the world catches up with New York, New Haven… and Dobbs Ferry.


The Baby Dragons demo, streaming on their residency site and website

Set List

about 40 mins of non-stop die hard fun