Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

"The Harlequins put a fresh spin on a classic regional sound that has universal appeal, and like Austins the Strange Boys and San Franciscos Ty Segall, remember that fun and fuzz belong close together" ~ VICE
"The Harlequins are one of the hardest-working bands in the Midwest"~ROR tapes


      The Harlequins are an experimental, psychedelic rock trio hailing from Cincinnati, OH.

   Evolving out of the home recordings of songwriter Michael Oliva, the group formed with the meeting of bassist Alex Stenard in 2006.  They were later joined by drummer Rob Stamler in 2008 cementing the current lineup.

   The Harlequins are known for their energetic live performances and experimental light shows, incorporating elements of 50's and 60's rock n roll with garage, surf, punk, and kraut-rock.  

   The Harlequins have released five albums independently and have been a regular fixture at South by Southwest, Bunbury, and Midpoint Music Festivals.  In 2011 they were handpicked by The Black Lips for a feature on  

   After touring slowed down following 2013’s ‘Sex Change’, The Harlequins signed to dizzybird records and spent 2015 writing and recording their debut LP.  The first single ‘Not Yet Dead’ was released October 17th, 2015.  Their new LP “One With You” is due out June 25th, 2016.

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Animated Cactus

Written By: Michael Oliva

Light flows through us all
Shadows rising tall
Ceiling begins to crawl
ego growing small
Anti biotics stall
to weed out those who fall
Select the natural
Leaves turn into spines
to keep out those who pry
Mine is what is mine
Sustain what's inside

End For Us

Written By: Michael Oliva

Our time is short
That much we know
so, so
do what you like
if it feels right
nobody's there to shake their head
you're on your own when you drop dead
find peace within
you're nothing but water
A brand new age
the earth has changed
like always, like always
The Sea rushed in
The end begin
the end for us
the end for us


Written By: Michael Oliva

I've been living in this hell I forged myself
Dream a little bitty dream to ease the screams
Without these flames it's never quite the same
I often learn when I get burned
I'd be lying if I said I did not mind
But you've got to cowboy up from time to time
Over the hill and moving right along
Over the hill, it's over
I believe that every man will get his turn
Just don't quit when you get burned
Without these flames it's never quite the same
We often learn when we get burned
I've been living in this hell I forged myself

No Not I

Written By: Michael Oliva

Not I no I will never die

Abandon Ship

Written By: Michael Oliva

Things became clear
What is your reaction, how do you deal?
Oh, got to get the hell out of here
The wisest choice would be to abandon ship
But hold your horses
Hold your horses please
No, got to get the hell out of here
The wisest choice would be to abandon ship
But hold your horses please
Hold your horses

Midwest Coast

Written By: Michael Oliva

Midwest is the best coast
midwest is the best
There is no ocean
but we've got the beach
We've got the gorge
And yellow springs
There's nothing wrong with kickin it simple
Lemon G's just another memento
Got our bags packed
Fill them up with dope
Midwest is the best coast
Midwest is the best
When you're feeling down on hope
Midwest is the best coast
It's the best coast
Please don't take us literally
Can't you have some fun?

Nothing Important Happened Today

Written By: Michael Oliva

So long my love
Wouldn't it be lovely?
to see you go
So long
Yesterday's dream
Wouldn't it be lovely?
To see you grow
so long my love
Wouldn't it be lovely
To see you go

Randomly Tuned

Written By: Michael Oliva

The dead commune
through me and you
a second wind
to somewhere new
No one can escape their plan
With brand new eyes and foreign hands
To wish on a star
is all you can do
it's not pre-destined
It's randomly tuned
Everything will meet it's end
Then the cycle starts again
So take the time for moon and stars
While we can still claim those as ours
To wish on a star
is all you can do
It's not pre-destined
It's randomly tuned


"Sex Change" EP Released August 10, 2013
"The Harlequins" CD & Cassette Released March 3, 2012
"Midwest Coast" EP Released July 1, 2011
"Baron Von Headless" CD Released July 31, 2009

Set List

The Harlequins Set List:
(All Original Songs)

Hear me out


One with you

Sex Change 

No Not I

Schizo Radio

Over a Hill

Step Inside

Not Yet Dead

Animated Cactus

Strange Girl

Out of Hell

Like a River

Oh No

A Vestige

What Laughs in a Mirror