The Harmed Brothers
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The Harmed Brothers


Band Folk Rock




"Come Morning is a testament of talent over technology"

Come Morning is back to basics, raw music: organic and alive. Staying away from over produced, studio trickery, the album has the feeling of a live recording as it moves from upbeat songs to slow paced sad songs. - Top 40 Charts.Com

"What is Adam Listening to?"

The Harmed Brothers are a band lucky enough to have not one but two fantastic songwriters on board. - Kansas City Star

"The Harmed Brothers – All The Lies You Wanna Hear. If Lies are Songs, then YES, All I Wanna Hear."

The Harmed Brothers... I believe they just might have found something that needs to be heard. - Slowcoustic

"The Harmed Brothers – All The Lies That You Want to Hear"

Harmony is what separates the boys from the men, and there is no shortage here, as Ray and Alex relentlessly maneuver through these tracks with vocal unity. - Indie Music Reviewer Magazine

"Review: The Harmed Brothers Come Morning"

The lyrics are heartfelt and coupled with the strong vocals, makes an effective combination. Strong lyricism gives music substance, and in the genre of folk / bluegrass, substance is key. In other genres, such as hip hop or pop, lackluster lyricism can be made up for with a beat. In folk, the words are at the forefront, and The Harmed Brothers deliver enough to keep you coming back. - My Folking Heart


All The Lies You Wanna Hear - LP 2010
Come Morning - LP 2012



Performing together since 2009, Alex Salcido and Ray Vietti make up the core unit of The Harmed Brothers. Often performing as a two piece, the duo's road warrior mentality, and non-stop touring has caused many weary band mates to fall out and has been the reason for the bands high turn over rate.

The release of their new album brought the re-introduction of original band members Zach and Ben Kilmer. Touring as a four piece, the band kicked off their U.S. tour in March of 2012, which is currently booked through September. It will be followed by a European tour in the Spring 2013.