Harmonic Tide

Harmonic Tide


Occupying a space somewhere between acoustic and full blown jam, Harmonic Tide connects with a wide range of listeners of all ages and musical tastes while staying grounded with solid songwriting and original sounds.


Harmonic Tide is made up of four members whose musical tastes and styles come from completely different spaces. On their own each band member would be categorized within entirely separate genres but when mixed, a new and exciting sound is created that is hard to put a label on. From smooth acoustic harmonies to solid grooves and tight changes each song has it's own personality and soul that comes through with each performance. Playing sets made up of 100% original music with the level of passion and commitment that is embedded in every measure sets Harmonic Tide apart from countless other bands of the day. Drawing on influences as widespread as Dave Matthews, Robert Johnson, Herbie Hancock, Sublime, Pearl Jam, John Scofield, Pink Floyd, Parliament and Ray LaMontagne; Harmonic Tide brings a fresh and welcome approach and sound to their songwriting and live shows.



Harmonic Tide - LIVE at The Huron House

Set List

Waters Edge
Ridin Away
Walk A Mile
RU Kind
Against The Grain
Combo Number One
Little Something
Improv A
Improv B

Typically, two 50+ minute sets of all original material.