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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Studio Review"

you can read the whole article at: - Roadburn Magazine

"The Harold Wartooth EP, Album Review"

I thought I’d never hear another band like this again after Audioslave disbanded earlier this year. But, I was of course wrong.

Toronto’s The Harold Wartooth proves bands are still willing to rock hard in ‘07 the way Led Zeppelin did in ‘77. My head bobbed along throughout most of the six-songs, but near the end I started to become tired of the bar music sound. This is the type of band I’d like to hear on the radio rather than on CD because then I’d only hear one song at a time. I call it the “one-song-rock-out moment.”

Furthermore, I think there is definite growth potential for this band. This is especially so with the over 30 crowd because the blues-inspired sound is really popular with that age group. Since Henry Rollins is on their side, I think we’ve only just begun hearing about The Harold Wartooth.
- Cody McGraw,

"Demo of the Week"

THE HAROLD WARTOOTH – Now I love it when I don't have to lift a finger. No sooner had we said we needed to go check out more on tasting the Wartooth on that mighty fine Catacomb Records comp the other day than a package arrives from North America – must have cost a fortune in postage. This is seriously heavy music (from Toronto, Canada). Six track cd, six full on psychedelic stoner rock monsters fuzzed up and fused with excessive amounts of wholesomely good wah peddle action. They have a modern edge to them, Soundgarden or Queens Of The Stone Age (Before the Queens went way off the boil), this is full on retro stoner rock though, heavy rock! Big stuff – the full on real deal with a little edge of their own - oh yes - as good as their name said they would be! - Organ Magazine

"Henry Rollins on Harmony In My Head"

"...sounds like the singer has enjoyed the odd Led Zeppelin record from here or there, a solid band, great singin', cool tune...thought you'd like it. That's my favourite song on this EP, and this is called 'Synapse', the song. The EP is just called The Harold Wartooth EP. H-A-R-O-L-D next word W-A-R-T-O-O-T-H. I dunno what it means, but its got some meaning, and its a good record! If they make a whole album man, I'm there!"
-June 12, 2007 on 103.1 FM (Los Angeles) - 103.1FM

"The Grimey Wartooth"

They’ve got Hank’s seal of approval, so you know they’re at least half-way decent. Since receiving some "big-ups" on Henry Rollins’ show on L.A.’s Indie 103.1, The Harold Wartooth’s grunge-y star has been rising, with support coming in from the likes of CBC’s seminal Definitely Not the Opera and UK-based Catacomb Records. With a solitary self-titled EP under their belts, the band have demonstrated a propensity for writing Fun House-era Stooges-style riffs and burying them in Rated R-era Queens of the Stone Age-esque heaviness. The result is a mix of drunken garage punk and wanking classic rock, a combination that has done right by the band so far. You can thank the good folks at Sleepytown Sound for bringing out the best of the band's sound, letting the grime shine through their Hendrix-inspired solos and aviator-sunglass-wearing ways.

You can experience all the grime and guitar solos for yourself on Saturday, November 10, at the Cameron House (408 Queen Street West). And for a paltry $5! Also performing are the okay-named Luz Atomica, the really stupidly-named Spaceship Blues, and the confusingly-named On The Verge.

Link: - Sam Sutherland,


The Harold Wartooth EP (2007)



The Harold Wartooth is a hard rock band from Toronto, Canada. Fragments of the band have been jamming for years, but the lineup was finalized in late 2006, resulting in what has been referred to as "an aural brew and mastery of a Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age and Stooges sound". Their 6 song debut, The Harold Wartooth EP (2007), soon followed and to great reviews. The band has since played with such acts as heavy rock legends Blue Cheer and Canadian garage rock icon (and ex-Gruesome) Gerry Alvarez. Their tracks have also been featured on such radio programs as Henry Rollins' Harmony In My Head and Ex-Much Music VJ Sook Yin Lee's Definitely Not The Opera. The band's recently wrapped up their second Canadian Eastcoast tour with further touring currently in the works. You can also catch them on Catacomb Records' UK fuzz rock compilation, released February 2008 and distributed through HMV and other such music retailers..