The Harold Wartooth

The Harold Wartooth


A young hard rock collective, twined from the four corners of the Greater Toronto Area, weaned off the greats and meticulously sculpted to impress.


The Harold Wartooth is a hard rock band from Toronto, Canada. Fragments of the band have been jamming for years, but the lineup was finalized in late 2006, resulting in what has been referred to as "an aural brew and mastery of a Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age and Stooges sound". Their 6 song debut, The Harold Wartooth EP (2007), soon followed and to great reviews. The band has since played with such acts as heavy rock legends Blue Cheer and Canadian garage rock icon (and ex-Gruesome) Gerry Alvarez. Their tracks have also been featured on such radio programs as Henry Rollins' Harmony In My Head and Ex-Much Music VJ Sook Yin Lee's Definitely Not The Opera. The band's recently wrapped up their second Canadian Eastcoast tour with further touring currently in the works. You can also catch them on Catacomb Records' UK fuzz rock compilation, released February 2008 and distributed through HMV and other such music retailers..


The Harold Wartooth EP (2007)

Set List

The Last Day of July
Hooker Breath
Flight of the Bitch
Orikuula Brew
1968 Subway Crash
Hot Lunch
Environment Song
Dolce Vita ('The Boner Jam')
and more..