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"The Harpoons "Keep You Around""

The Harpoons are a four piece group based in Melbourne, Australia. They’re RnB at heart, but listening to them really exposes other avenues of inspiration. On “Keep You Around,” the group exploits the traditions of great singers of the past from Chicago to Detroit to Philly. There’s a lot of funk here, but even more blues. The most attractive aspect of The Harpoons‘ music is the lead singer’s voice. It’s fascinating and a little haunting, but it provides a much needed umph to their style. - Portals

"The Harpoons - "Walk Away/Keep You Around" EP"

After their sensational release of ‘Keep You Around‘, finger clickers across the nation are rejoicing with last weeks release of The Harpoons’ EP Walk Away/Keep You Around. The funky R&B feel to this release is only heightened further by Bec Rigby’s undulating vocal ability throughout the tracks. ‘Falling For You (B-side)’ brings along a more electronic feel to the release. The remixed version of ‘Keep You Around’ is a vast contrast to the original, definitely worth putting on for a pre-Piedimonte’s late night venture.
The Harpoons’ debut will be out later this year, produced by Nick Huggins of artist-run collective Two Bright Lakes. This being said, you can pick up a copy of their EP at Polyester Records in Melbourne, or at one of their shows.
The Harpoons are supporting Swedish First Aid Kit on the 14th of March at the Corner. You can purchase tickets right here. - All I Do Is Listen

"The Harpoons "Walk Away""

Damn girl. With a voice like that, I’d hold the keys to the city, and the boys and girls would come streaming after me, all dancing a somehow already learned choreography, or swooning and being caught by passers-by. Alas, I’m at my desk singing along with my own semi-passable noises, and there goes my housemate’s bedroom door. I feel lucky, in that case, that this voice is now in my hot little hands for keeps.
The voice belongs to Bec Rigby, vocalist for this pop outfit from Melbourne. Along with Bec, brothers Henry and Jack Madin and drummer Martin King, they form The Harpoons. I’m gonna say they’ve hit the spot with their latest release, the Walk Away EP (Well ok, I just said it.) The EP’s namesake track is flawless pop / soul, and it’s hard to believe how young these kids are. Too much sass. The second track, ‘Keep You Around’, is the band’s new(est) single, and the kids have incidentally just released a proper kickass let’s-go-outside-and-play film clip for this track. However, the EP’s b-side, ‘Falling For You,’ is the keeper here. Slower and colouring outside the lines a little more, it’s quirky pop gone horribly perfect. The fourth track I’ll keep a secret.
Findings? A debut EP almost too soulful for it’s own good, and a motherflipping cool film clip to boot. Talented kids should get what they deserve, and I hope this gets The Harpoons to some pretty neat places. - The Thousands

"The Harpoons - The Toff"

An anticipated act for 2012, The Harpoons had no trouble getting the crowd in the mood for a groove from the get-go. With an infectious vibe and a powerful sound, this group has been circulating the music scene for a little while, and we’re getting antsy for an album. The atmosphere was warm and inviting for the fresh faces on the dimly lit stage, and when the music started the crowd was instantly taken back to a time being a hipster didn’t have a label. They are like Herman’s Hermits with the soulful touch of a girl band like The Shangri-Las; Bec Rigby’s strong vocals are a force to be reckoned with alone. Don’t be fooled though, The Harpoons have a special quality which surpasses others who try to emulate that same 1960s sound.

The bubbly Swim My Baby makes you want to swing, while heartwarming track Keep You Around makes you want to sway. Rigby pointed out that if you listen to the lyrics their songs are not always as romantic as they seem, but that didn’t stop a little waltz here (or the man who was fist pumping like it was the ‘90s). Brothers Henry and Jack Madin also shared vocal responsibilities – everyone thought that was nice. Martin King was looking quite dapper – everyone thought that was nice too. As it was the launch of their single Walk Away, they cheekily and confusedly mentioned it was for sale and according to H. Madin it was anywhere between $3, $5 or any kind of offer (they will accept more) which got a bit of a laugh.

The Harpoons have sweet songs and they are sweethearts, too; these qualities will certainly take them far. -


"Walk Away/Keep You Around" EP released through Two Bright Lakes 2012

"Faith" EP 2009.



The Harpoons are a young R’n’B / pop band, fresh like a new pair of high tops.
Based in Melbourne, brothers Henry and Jack Madin’s undeniable talent for song-writing is earning a reputation as some of the best modern soul/R’n’B to come out of the country.
The sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes bellowing vocals of Bec Rigby, drip seductively over Martin Kings buoyant beats. With these two gems executing such succinct melody and pulse, the shakedown rhythm of Henry’s base and Jack’s guitar keep the band’s sound unique yet nostalgic - like the dark town stutters ball in a sweaty Berlin club.

Since the release of their debut EP back in 2009, The Harpoons have played packed out shows around Melbourne. That year they played Meredith Music Festival and have since supported the likes of Soko (US), Dr Dog (US), and Adam Green (US). This year, in the build up to their latest releases, they have supported First Aid Kit (SE), Slow Club (US), and local artists such as Fatti Frances, Grand Salvo and Dick Diver. The Harpoons also played to a tight packed crowd at 2011’s Sugar Mountain Music Festival.

Having just released two new singles “Walk Away” and “Keep You Around” with a clip released on US blog “Live for The Funk”, The Harpoons have the city on its knee’s begging to hear what’s to come next from their upcoming album (to be released later this year).
If you haven’t heard or danced to this band already – now is the time, as you may still get a tiny inch of elbowroom before you’re swallowed up by the crowd.

Their debut LP is due out in 2012 through Two Bright Lakes.