The Hatters

The Hatters


The Hatters are a young eclectic 3 piece garage punk band from Brighton. With pounding riffs, dirty guitar sounds and nasty vocals, The Hatters have been described as "cool shit" by one of their heroes, Josh Hubbard of The Paddingtons. Have been compared to The Hives, The Subways, The Ramones etc


The Hatters, formed in the autumn of '08, are an eclectic 3 piece garage punk band from Brighton, UK. Comprising of vocalist and guitarist Chris, drummer Becky and bassist Alex they are a band with noise, politics and punk ethos that sets them apart from the rest.

After Chris and Becky formed the band, they searched for that ellusive bassist until Alex turned up to a practice and said upon hearing us, "do you like Sonic Youth? Because you have that same messy style." We instantly knew he was the one. The rest they say, is history.


We're Controlled By Reptiles single, to be played on local radio

Set List

We're Controlled By Reptiles, Onion Eyed, Pick The Winner, Get Up And Go, Always, French, Just Say No