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The Haunt

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Starvox NYC: Chosen Top 10 of the Year!"

Euphoria - Serip Records

Top Ten Pick for the year:

Many musicians use "commercial" like a dirty word. Sabrina's debut release is commercial in the best sense of the word: easily accessible and professionally produced. Sabrina is what AOR music could be if AOR had a heart; her songs are timeless, touching and universal.
Kevin, Starvox NYC - Kevin, Starvox - NYC

"Collected Sounds: If anything can restore faith"

This is a good album for alternative rock fans and people who have given up on the genre long ago. If anything can restore faith in rock music it's "Euphoria".

Sabrina makes dynamic rock music. Her fiery voice is backed by forceful guitars on this debut album. The opener "I'm Alive" is a powerful song with a strong beat. Sabrina is equally at home with slower songs such as the acoustic closer "Star".

The ballad "Bring me Down" is poignant and features a string section that's put to good use. It's one of the best songs I've heard in a long while.

- Anna Maria Stjarnell, Collected Sounds - Sweden

"The Aquarian: "...captivates the audience...""

Why isn’t this chick signed to a major label? I caught the show at Acme Underground a few weeks ago. This was about the fourth time I saw Sabrina (& her band)play, and she gets better every time. Her sensual, spine-tingling melodies bring to mind All About Eve, early Heart, and Kate Bush.

Sabrina’s in heavy rotation on the club circuit these days, and I seriously suggest going to see the show.

"...extremely charismatic on stage... moves like a snake, captivates the audience..." - Mary Anne Christiano - The Aquarian - Vol. 2-162

"Culture Asylum: brings to us a fresh new sound"

Mixing Darkwave elements with a fresh alternative sound, Sabrina (The Haunt) brings to us a fresh, new sound.

"A musician that has an incredible voice as well as the emotion to prove she isn't a whiny..." She is a strong woman who touches on the raw emotions while utilizing beautiful vocals ranging from rich to ethereal."

- Gira, Editor & Chief

"Montclair Times: "grabs your attention""

'Somewhere Girl'... makes Euphoric Music In Montclair!

" Sabrina pays tribute to by covering their ’80s hit, “Nowhere Girl” — and definitely gives them a run for their money."

“Euphoria” grabs your attention from the get-go. Sabrina sings with a vital passion..." "A cross between female-fronted bands Heart, All About Eve, and sometimes Kate Bush, Sabrina’s enchanting melodies and lyrics expressed on “Euphoria” captured the attention of fans all over the globe who wrote her fan mail via the Internet." "... who receives mail from fans who say her reality-based songs helped get them through a hard time."

- The Montclair Times, Mary Anne Christiano

"Legends: subtle, consistent, and tight."

Due to the explosion of do-it-yourself technologies over the past 15 years, many artists have rushed to release their first LP offering. Too many times the artists lack the maturity artistically to put forth an album that is musically strong, or lack restraint or focus resulting in albums that try to do too much, and lose continuity in their offering.

Belgium native Sabrina does not fall into this category. "Euphoria" is a smart, melancholy offering that shows thoughtfulness in its crafting and its composition. It is a strong showcase of the songwriting and musical talents of the group. Their sound comes through cleanly and is not forced through over-production. It is subtle, consistent, and tight.

- Chris Eissing, Legends Magazine

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"7 Tales from a Basement"
"It's Good If You Like It" (2006 Release)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


The Haunt walks on the edge of alternative rock and singer/songwriter while leaning heavily on it's own infectious brand of pop hooks.

Fans, press, and radio alike have been touched by the band's overall pure sound and Sabrina's addictive "Anne Wilson" meets "Chrissie Hynde" yet angelic voice which offers a hint of sophistication and an all-around fresh approach to the current mainstream rock scene.

This is a band whose name depicts the essence of their music. Creating deep, catchy, and mesmerizing songs that will haunt you through and through.

Lead singer, Sabrina debuted in 2001 with her CD entitled, Euphoria. While gaining strong local and international popularity, a band was formed to work the NYC club scene. As new material was written and recorded a new album entitled ‘7 Tales From a Basement’ was released in 2004 under the name Sabrina & The Haunt. As they were putting the final touches on the CD, a creative spurt poured out even more new material. Opting to finish off 7 Tales... and save this new material the ensemble plan to release a new CD in 2007 under the new name of simply The Haunt. Armed with a new identity, new songs, and local and international success, there are ready for whatever comes their way.

The Haunt puts forth music that appeals to a wide audience. Quality melody driven songs with strong hooks and Sabrina's meaningful yet poetic lyrics derived from the truths of everyday life. Skillfully employing her professional songwriting with an appropriately commercial sheen while never compromising the integrity of rock.

Overall, The Haunt is a complete package that fills a void in the market.

Currently in negotiations with various music industry companies regarding catalog distribution and licensing opportunities. As well as shopping The Haunt demo to A&R reps, select industry executives and attorneys.