Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Boot-stomp aggro pig fuck rock


Hawks have made a respected art of designed carelessness, all rusted strings and chugging groove, honing what has become a finely out-of-tuned craft following in the traditions of labels like Touch and Go, Amrep and Trans Syndicate. Forming in mid November 2007, their raw guttural tone and menacing live performances have since given rise to a strong local and regional following.

The band has 2 full lengths under its belt: Barnburner (2009, Army of Bad Luck) and RUB (2011, Trans Ruin / Army of Bad Luck). While working with Harvey Milk drummer Kyle Spence to record and mix RUB, the band began hone their tasteful noise-layered sound pushing every song into the red.

Poised to release their third full length in 2012 on ex-Amrep alum Learning Curve, also being recorded and mixed by Spence, the band looks back to the first thing ever written about them as catharsis “What the fuck is that ungodly racket?”

Indeed friends, indeed.

Hawks are:
Andrew S. Wiggins - Guitar
Sean P. Fitzgerald -Bass
Shane D. Patrick - Drums
Michael P. Keenan Jr. – Vocals


Barnburner LP (2009) – Army of Bad Luck
Hawks/Café Flesh (2010) – Trans Ruin
Hawks/The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (2010) –Trans Ruin
RUB LP (2011) – Trans Ruin

Upcoming Releases:

RUB LP – repress (2012) – Army Of Bad Luck
Hawks/Wizard Smoke LP (2012) – Trans Ruin
S/T LP (2012) – Learning Curve