The Hayzel Project

The Hayzel Project


Drawn from many different sources influence, The Hayzel Project brings an eclectic and tasteful performance to the stage. Their live show is ample in energy and entertainment yet remains natural and very organic allowing the audience to connect and always wanting more.


Plenty of young performers will tell you that music is in their blood, but in the case of Chris Hayzel, it’s a statement of fact. The 20 year-old singer/songwriter shares his intrinsic flair for expression with his father Howard Hewett, former lead singer of the successful ‘80s group Shalamar, and his mother Nia Peeples, the singing/dancing star of the hit TV series Fame. Born in Los Angeles in 1989, Chris first picked up a guitar at age six, wrote his first song at age 10 (an inventive Green Day spoof that involved a certain red balloon) but really began serious work as a high school freshman, drawing on an eclectic mix of inspirational sources that has ranged from the Dave Matthews Band to Incubus to Jason Mraz. Having been raised in both the Los Angeles area and Vancouver, B.C. Chris is the product of a diverse musical landscape, the state of which is reflected in his musical repertoire, which, along with songwriting
and vocals, includes guitar, drums, congas, d’jembe, bongos and even the didgeridoo. After fronting a number of energetic high school bands Chris relocated to San Francisco to begin work on his ambitious solo project, later dubbed The Hayzel Project, a 12 song collection that he eventually self-produced and recorded in Las Vegas. Six of these tracks, including Equilibrium Part I, Instigate and Caroline, are available on Chris’ MySpace Page (


"The Hayzel Project" EP which spawned local hit singles "Caroline" and "Set it Into Flames"

Set List

Having prepared for several different venues with several different time constraints, The Hayzel Project has been bred to adapt to whatever the situation. They have played sets as short as 12 minutes and as long as 90 minutes. With their extensive song list, they are able to create a show out of 3 songs or 15, depending on what the venue asks.