The Hazlitts

The Hazlitts


Big riffs, tight rhythms, soaring melodies and powerful harmonies. Young and talented the Hazlitts make music accessible to the masses.


The Hazlitts are a young, four piece outfit hailing from the South of England. All four band members at one stage have played together in numerous projects over eight years. They finally came together little over a year ago to form 'The Hazlitts'.

With a wide variety of influences from Arctic Monkey and Friendly Fire all the way through to Hendrix and The Who, The Hazlitts mix old and new to create a sound true to them.

The Hazlitts are currently recording their new EP at Paul McCartney's 'wonder school' The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in the prestigious George Martin Studio. The EP is to be released summer 2010.


Changing Lanes EP - Available @

Set List

9-10 songs. Set length; 40 minutes.