The Head Set

The Head Set


Take 3 longtime bandmates, put 'em in a rehearsal room in NYC, pipe in a steady mix of Bowie, The Police and Zeppelin, top off with an original and charismatic songwriter as the frontman. You'll wind up with a rock band something like The Head Set.


After a year of writing and performing solo in New York City, Jordan Blaugrund needed a band. The time had come to hear his songs the way they sounded in his head, but he needed help. His first call was to his older brother Michael, an accomplished drummer in Boston who was itching for an excuse to move to NYC. Michael tracked down Brett Sherman (bass) and Eliot Wadsworth (guitar), former bandmates who shared the brothers' taste for David Bowie, The Police and U2. Before long, the boys had settled into a rehearsal studio on 8th Avenue and The Head Set was born.

With hooky, high-energy songs and a dynamic live show to match, The Head Set quickly earned a reputation as a band to watch. In 2003, they recorded and released their debut EP "Ask Her Twice" with the help of producer Nic Hard (The Bravery, Aberdeen City), and followed that effort by recording with Richard Lloyd, guitarist for legendary punk band Television.

The Head Set spent much of 2005 writing and recording songs for their first full length album "Way Past Used", which was released Nov '06. They've performed with a who's-who of the indie rock world, including Sonic Youth, Editors, and Ted Leo among many others. For more info on their new album as well as tour dates, visit


Current release is "Way Past Used", released fall '06 on Businessman Businessman Music. Received airplay on 150+ college radio stations fall '06.

Debut EP 'Ask Her Twice' released summer 2003. Spot airplay everywhere from KROX/Austin to Steve Lamacq's show on BBC's Radio 1.

Set List

We typically play 40-50 mins, which usually winds up being 9-10 songs. No covers, our main live songs include:

Pure Convenience
Way Past Used
Last Call Doll
A Regular Bonnie & Clyde
You'll Never Make It Home
Don't Panic
Late For The Show

among others...