The Heart & The Flame

The Heart & The Flame


The Heart & The Flame present a dynamic array of songs ranging from high energy indie dance rock to soulful ballads and new wave pop. Ethereal vocals layered upon addictive rhythms, contagious hooks, catchy riffs and euphoric tones.


The Heart & The Flame is the aftermath of throwing four passionate song writers together and challenging them to pursue their full potential.

After a road trip to Seattle to watch Radiohead in concert, four friends decided that they needed to make a band and start writing together. The songs started flowing naturally and effortlessly. In a short matter of weeks they had written and composed an impressive set list and were well on their way to record an EP.

The Heart & The Flame are inspired by and comparable to bands like Radiohead, Bloc Party, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, MUTEMATH, Modest Mouse, Florence + The Machine, Adele, Broken Social Scene, The Sea and Cake, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Young Galaxy, and Metric.

They will be making their debut this summer as they release a 5 track EP and start booking shows.


self-titled EP