Jess Lawrence

Jess Lawrence


I would say its avant garde folk rock. its like pj harvey meets roger miller. its good old country with a punk edge. its original, honest, and raw. I write unconventional love songs. (and do a few obscure covers)


I am an artist who grew up in the Midwest, Illinois to be exact, and not Chicago, the flat corn and soybean field land the makes up the Heartland. I picked up a cheap guitar a couple years ago and found I had a knack for writing original songs with an edge, and a knack for rocking out old country and soul songs. I have been playing shows in the Boston area, and am looking for more, as well as to get signed and get recorded!


the fox and the hunter

Written By: the Heartland

dust clouds grow over ivy hands that lick piano keys like a net across the sea....your whale song it beckons noone and is heard by only me
i am the fox and i am the hunter
i play the devil's advocate
/refresh your fresh and subtract the cover up. ihave more i have less i am the fox and... i m hunted
when the reef cuts your boat apart like sandpaper teeth grinding so hard... your beacon shines onto the beach but is seen by only me
i am the fox and i am the hunter
i play the devil's advocate/ you are a bull in a china shop you dont break a single dish.... i have more i have less i am the fox and i m hunted
i am the fox and i am the hunter
i play the devils advocate....
im not the fox
no i am the hunter
ive come to claim your tail
ive sailed the seven seas to
witness your clever tricks


I have an 8 track demo. I am looking for a label to pay for me to record a real album. I have the material.

Set List

my songs are about 3 minutes long. i do mostly original tunes. i might do 2 covers in a 9 song set list. such as
tall tall trees- roger miller
9 to 5- dolly parton
place in the sun -stevie wonder
or an old school accoustic radiohead song- killer cars