The Heart-Ons
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The Heart-Ons

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"I Lost My Soul"

I lost my soul just absolutely rocks -- I love it
Mike - -


The Heart Ons (self Titled EP), No Frills, Stimulus Package (to be released 4-15-09)



A Heart-On is the heart's equivalent of an erection. The Heart-Ons are a musical collective that get that rise out of playing music. Playing gigs, thrilling crowds, packing venues, and letting our stage presence be known gives us an emotional stiffy. "We are the Care Bare Stare of the music industry, we warm cold hearts and look good in pastels."... ............................................................................................................ Deanna had just come out of a brooklyn based hip-hop project under the alias (Cherry DeMA). Josh diverted from his former band (The Color Guard). Oleg was into hand percussion and had just started to play an actual drum kit when he met Josh. Scott was altogether unhappy with the music his prior band (Interference) was making after a few tours. Deanna would see Josh on her breaks at work where she bartends and share her food with him while they talked about music. Josh came in one day and told her that his band broke up, Deanna quickly offered up that she was looking to start something new. They set up a session and liked what came of it. Weeks later Josh told Deanna he had been working with a drummer and a bassist, but they had no vocals and thought that maybe these two projects should be compacted. Josh and Scott met a while ago at the same bar that brought Josh and Deanna together. The guys did a few lo-fi recordings together and put them up on myspace under a codename, then decided after a long night of drinking that they should form a band. Oleg showed up in a blaze of glory or so it seemed, in that he had come to master his drum set, and agreed to join them in their pursuit as he had recently ended his stay with (The Nagasaki Swimteam) and (The Congregation- a Stevie Wonder cover band). All four of them got together in a practice space and hit it off, and so they became. . . The Heart-Ons.