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"Israel National Radio Top Ten Best Purim Songs of All Time!"

Plus, hot new Purim music including Haman (Purim Song) by the HeartSleeves - Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast with Ben Bresky

"C.D. Di Guardia - Boston Band Crush "Peripheral People""

A beefy, powerful vocal is the centerpiece of the track - everything else sets the table but vocalist Jared Lucas Nathanson brings the steak. There is no weak spot in “Peripheral People” - even when hitting his high notes at the top of his range, Nathanson’s voice is broad and and powerful. The instruments, once having found their cruising altitude, have a little bit of fun with the song, backing each other up for tiny little side-explorations into alternate destinations for the melody. The entire affair takes a few enjoyable little swerves towards the end of the track. These little journeys go unheralded until the very end, adding a fun little twist on the end of a strong, straight-up track - Boston Band Crush

"C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush "Leslie""

Leslie” moves in pseudo-slow motion; like every element of the song is just a little heavier and meatier than you might initially the track an element of gravity and a shiny new gun. The brass/standard rock band combo creates an E-Street like sensation...This song’s success comes mostly from its recurring theme. The motif is strong enough to hold its own through the multiple sonic incarnations, but the most telling moment is how it impressively ties the end of the bridge section together...“Leslie” makes it all work, even somehow including the word “Schenectady” in the lyrics. That alone is worth the price of admission – I can barely say it (or type it) – but the Heartsleeves makes it all happen. - Boston Band Crush

"Band on the Brink: The Heartsleeves"

The HeartSleeves are living legends. True masters of the art of emotional music without being whiney, a feat thought of as impossible by most modern musicians. However the most interesting thing about The HeartSleeves is not their commitment to blending emotional lyrics with old-soul rock n roll. It’s the fact that they have been quietly regarded as one of Boston’s best kept secrets since early 2007.

The HeartSleeves are fully backed by two extremely solid releases (one past and one future). 2009 saw their first album titled “Dirt & Water”. This release caught the Boston scene completely off guard with its catchy hooks and deep lyrical content. I’m sure you’ve seen lesser bands crumble under pressure of having to match the power of their first release with their second. These guys have more than delivered with their sophomore full length “Peripheral People”. This album is 13 tracks of heart wrenching real life blues. “Sounds from real life”. This band lives true to their name, wearing their hearts on their sleeves through every minute."\ -

"C.D. Di Guardia, Boston Band Crush "Dissolving""

“There is a palpable grinding sense to this song, and it is something we might dare call “groove”...The gravity in this song brings it soul...The melodies remain dynamic, sometimes soaring, sometimes bricking it out in the trenches of the register. Bassists, non-soloing guitarists and others take heart and notice: the rhythm section of “Dissolving” makes it all possible.” - Boston Band Crush

"MicControl Jon - MicControl Review "Dirt & Water":"

“The Heartsleeves brand of roots/ funk/ neo-soul.. the idea of a groove- the tightness, the chemistry and the way they can play off each other.. The sax is stellar... the solos are fantastic.. the vocals are extremely well done. They are bright, strong, and are used in interesting rhythmic ways..” - MicControl


Peripheral People (2012)
1. Son of Lenny Bruce 04:49
2. Last Night 04:27
3. Leslie 04:03
4. Rebecca 04:34
5. Patriots' Day 04:34
6. Birthday 04:22
7. Peripheral People 04:30
8. Dissolving 04:35
9. Marriott Parking Lot 04:34
10. We Lost 05:21
11. Mitch 04:20
12. Haman 05:25
13. Jessica Song 04:26
14. Calm Cool Collected (live @ Gulu Gulu) 05:33

This album was a difficult two and a half year journey. We kept the HeartSleeve’s mission alive. With the help of old friends and new ones we searched for our identity, celebrated new love, remembered old passions, gave homage to our heroes, documented the fractures of our hearts and the tragedies of loss, one intentional and one desperately unfair. We kept our emotions exposed, not to be dramatic, but to be sane and sincere.. and to release.

The album features songs from our lives.

Released 03 March 2012

The HeartSleeves are:

Ben Margolis - Saxophone
Jared Lucas Nathanson - Lead Vocals
Helen Aki - Backing Vocals/Guitar
Ben Nicotera - Keyboard
Mark Podgurski - Drums

Featuring HeartSleeve Alumni:
Joshua Lee Loomis - Guitar
Alex Blinn - Drums
Wayne Flower - Bass
Robert Gilmore - Bass

Honorary Sleever For Life:
Douglas Batchelder - Guitar, Wurlitzer Piano, Hammond organ

Songs composed & arranged by Jared Lucas Nathanson, Ben Margolis and Joshua Lee Loomis
Words & Melody by Jared Lucas Nathanson and Ben Margolis
Recorded and mixed by Doug Batchelder at the Den studios in North Reading, MA
Produced by Doug Batchelder, Ben Margolis, and Jared Lucas Nathanson.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Dirt & Water (2009)
1. Symptoms of Rebellion 05:54
2. Learn To Live 07:17
3. Covert Vacations 06:53
4. Last Night 04:24
5. Marlowe's Lament 06:35
6. Dirt & Water 07:24
7. Ceramic Smile 05:13
8. Glory Pour Down 06:21

This album is a tribute to the first 2 years of the band. I will always remember The HeartSleeves version 1.0 as a wonderful experience creatively and I will always remember these four men fondly for being such a vital part of it, even though there was drama and no place to park.

But that's Boston; drama and no place to park.

Released 18 May 2009

Vocals: Jared Lucas Nathanson
Guitar/Vocals/Backing Vocals/Piano: Joshua Lee Loomis
Saxophone: Joel Greenlee
Bass/Backing Vocals: Wayne Flower
Drums: Ariel "R E L" Rejman

Recorded by Doug at "The Den"
Mixed by Joshua Lee Loomis & Jared Lucas Nathanson
Mastered by Josh Loomis



The HeartSleeves formed in 2007 when Jared Lucas Nathanson (vocals- Grits) and collaborator drinking buddy Wayne “Rhino” Flower (bass – The Halo Benders,Treepeople, Violent Green ) collided at high velocity with Jared’s high school chum Joel “JG” Greenlee (sax), Joshua Lee Loomis (vocals, guitar, keys – The Great Buriers) and Ariel “R E L” Rejman (drums – The Great Buriers, Air and Space Museum,
Jalopy) down at the Fenway practice space. Country fell into the funk, soul got some pop and jazz on it and the Chocolate got covered in peanut butter.

After a some gigs and an album (Dirt & Water), we welcomed Ben Margolis (sax – The Peoples Donut), Alex Blinn (Drums), Rob Gilmore (Bass) and JohnMcgregor (Guitar).

We completed our second album (Peripheral People) with the help and collaboration of Alex Blinn (Drums), Rob Gilmore (Bass), Ben Nicotera (Keyboard), Mark Podgurski (Drums), Helen Aki (Guitar, Backing Vocals), HeartSleeve veterans Wayne Flower (Bass) and Joshua Lee Loomis (Guitar) and Honorary Sleever For Life, HeartSleeves engineer Douglas Batchelder (Guitar, Wurlitzer Piano, Hammond organ) who also recorded, mixed and co-produced the album.

Current members include Jared (Vocals), Ben (Sax), Liza Talusan (Backing Vocals), Alan Trebat (Drums), Mark Yanowitz (Bass) and David Lewis (Guitar)

If Thomas Hart Benton and Lenny Bruce had a band with Percy Sledge and Orson Welles…… We would open for them… no cost