The Hearts Of Romaine

The Hearts Of Romaine

 Corte Madera, California, USA

The Hearts Of Romaine is a hilarious musical comedy trio that blends tight vocal harmonies, brilliant musicianship and great audience interaction with songs that are designed to provoke belly laughs. The three members, Murray, Jim and Ray are also terrific songwriters!


Who are the “Hearts of Romaine” you may ask?

Who knows for sure? It’s pretty hard to put your finger on it! (Not that you would want to).

They have been described as a combination of "The Smothers Brothers meet The Marx Brothers" because of their funny tunes and on-stage antics. The Hearts of Romaine play to small and large audiences and are the social lubricant necessary to get people out of their shells.

You will be laughing at yourself and others. A session with The Hearts of Romaine will make you feel better about yourself than if you had been hanging out with Tony Robbins, Oprah and Dr. Phil all at the same time.

So……………………………… fire up your car, bike, sneakers, pumps or whatever it takes to get yourselves out of the house, make your way over to where the Hearts of Romaine are - and set your world on it’s ear.

common side effects include, hoarse throat, smile lines, sore face muscles and split sides.