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The Heartstring Band


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Aurora Songs Vol. 1 EP (Indie Release) coming soon!


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The music world as we know it is not like it used to be thats for sure. Decades ago, the success of an artist or a band was dependant upon their talent and whether or not they could write or perform good music. Nowadays, the music industry focuses more on performers that have a sellable body, a gimmick, or a carbon-copied sound that can already be heard by a bunch of other platinum-selling artists. With all this being said, a solution has come from the heavens above us. Earth has been blessed with four strapping young bucks that come bearing gifts for our sad world of music. Meet The Heartstring Band!

This southern Maryland pop-rock quartet is dedicated to performing honest, exciting, undeniably catchy songs loaded with tons of harmony. Team Heartstring consists of the following humans and responsibilities: Justin Kline on guitar and lead vocals, Eric Kline on rhythm guitar and background vocals, Dan Wax on bass and background vocals as well, and Steve Bourque on the drums. After being together for a little over a year now, they've already managed to generate a strong buzz in their area with their captivating live performance, which led them to being picked to perform at the 2005 Dewey Beach Music Conference in Delaware. Drawing influences from classics like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen, U2, Pink Floyd, etc., together as a group they create a beatles-esque pop sound that will surely make anyone thats listening tap their foot or bob their head.

To sum it all up here, The Heartstring Band aims at making solid and catchy songs for basically anyone who cares to listen. Bring them to a venue near you or show them to a friend itll save lives and people will love you for it!