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The Heat

Jesup, Georgia, United States | SELF

Jesup, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


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When I was a young kat, I knew that I was put here for more than just livin and dying. All along I always kept in the back of my head that I would most certainly see both. During this process of living, though I never would've thought that I would be on the rise to be the most immaculate, dominating, monstrous rappers that the game has seen since Tupac, Biggie, Scarface, UGK, etc.
Perceptional because when I was younger none of this music character was in me. I was all about football and the girls, or just running with the older heads in the hood learning about the fast life. It wasn't until I was 14 when I had discovered that I had a musical talent. Not just any musical talent, a boastful, soulful, alluring talent that’s sure to go to the top one day. (If I stay working hard and praying.)
So as I was coming up through my teen years my grandmother always told me "son, if you start it, finish it, and if you gone do it, do it to the best ability." She was the one teaching me how to go out and get what I want the honest way. My momma was too young and daddy was young and wild. I guess I can say they really never knew how to raise a family because momma was a little girl and daddy was a young G. (LOL a little poetry for you young kats) As I'm cruising through my teens as a young G myself I said that I'm going to dominate this rap game. I'm going to come in and concur all competition. So as I solely anchor my ship in at its pit stop called "Hip Hop" and I'm slowly burning MC's up and roasting all suppose to be bashful competition.
Next, let's go back for a min. Remember when I said momma said, "son if you start it finish it." Well here I am at the age of 27 still POWERIN UP in the game. I am now pushin my 4th mix tape entitled "Power Up Vol. 1." You can also get me at:, & I'm basically on the takeover right now with the swinging hooks, shining profile lyrics, and these breathtaking, forcefully creative material. Itunes coming soon so be on the lookout for a lot of big moves from "The Heat."
I am now currently signed with the most quick rising talent management agency in Atlanta called ECLASS Entertainment, which is led by the CEO, Edward Gardner and runs off the natural abilities of his recognizably adapt managers. ECLASS discovered me actually through word of mouth through one of my cousins (my personal assistant POP aka Antonio.) He told them that his little cuz was hot and has a lot of talent. He told them that I really needed the advisory because my music is too good to be sitting in little Jesup, GA. so he told them I needed some help. Just so happens that the woman he was talking to about me, Vonetta Ford, turns out to be my manager today and let me tell you she's one hell of a manager. She's one of the most important reasons that I'm standing where I am in the game today, believe that "and much love to you girl."
See everybody’s gonna get their chance to blow, just don't miss your opportunity trying to hit that big lick because it's true Eminem said it best, opportunity comes once in a lifetime. So now as I cruise through this rap game so swiftly feeling liberation to take over with ECLASS on back, ready to ride, watch me start a whole new trend of artist, a whole new brand of clothing, a whole new hairstyle, an elaborate force of nature or culture called, "Lyrical Conversation." I got my wings ready for flight and I'm strapped up ready to fight this war that I've been knee deep in called, "survivor of life." I love yall, look out for me world because here I come, much love to all that's behind "The Heat" and I mean the whole supporting cast, yall know who you are. Most of all one time for "The High Almighty GOD" because without him there's no POWER UP AHHHHHHH!!!!! For booking information please contact Vonetta Ford at 404-319-4371 or via email at
Much Love,
The Heat (Signed sealed and delivered)