The Heat and Light

The Heat and Light


We make American rock and roll music.


I got my first snare drum in 4th grade, while in Catholic school. I always wanted to be in Connor's band. "Maybe when you guys play that song, I should come fill in on drums."
Connor got his first - and only - guitar when he was 12. He learned to sleep with it so that he could start playing as soon as he woke up.
Joel was the drummer in another life, in another band; he's the bassist now. He learned that he had perfect pitch when he was 12 and realized what note the neighbor's house alarm was striking.
After lots of bad choices and time wasted, we now make music together. We want to take all the best parts of all the best music and light 'em up like a 1,000-sparkler display on the greatest 4th of July night ever, a night that must never come to be because your heart would explode in the face of its beauty and majesty. We want to fall down when we're done playing because we've got nothing left inside with which to hold ourselves up. We want our songs to hang in the air like the thick smoke of fireworks, a reminder of something that was as beautiful, perhaps as romantic, perhaps even as tragic as you needed for it to be.
What we want, above all else, is to be honest.


We are currently putting the finishing touches on an 8-song demo CD.

Set List

We can play sets of anywhere from 10 to 100 minutes in length. We generally assemble the songs the day of the show, with flexibility to rearrange or substitute songs depending on what the crowd is into.
Original songs: Waiting for the Whitehats, A Lump or Two, Boulevard, Waiting for the Rain, Dance All Night, Carry Yourself to Me, When I Woke Up This Morning, If You Want Another Girlfriend, Ain't Nobody, As Soon As I Stop Crying, Shave and a Haircut, You Can't Go Back.
Covers: Where Are You Tonight (Bob Dylan), I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash), Western Star (Frank Black), Purple Rain (Prince), Moonshiner (Traditional), Long Black Veil (Danny Dill), Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch), Jesus Was a Capricorn (Kris Kristofferson), Jesus Christ (Woody Guthrie), My Gal (Traditional), Strawman (Lou Reed)