The Heated

The Heated


It's rare to find a female solo act that brings such raw emotion along with such kick-ass guitar mastery. Cristina of The Heated rocks! But it's more than that. The music is compelling, the lyrics are honest and insightful and the between song banter is hilarious. Not to be missed.


Cristina Espinosa, front-woman of The Heated is anxious. She has always been anxious. The best way she has found to ward off these synaptic misfires is through the repetitious nature of music. Singing it. Playing the same riff for hours on end. Agonizing over guitar pick methods. For her, music is not a hobby. It’s a coping mechanism.

The Heated’s endearing lo-fi yet accomplished indie folk manages to impress. One bar breaks thrown into the center of songs, off kilter rhythms and unexpected melodies dot the musical landscape. They pull you in, these little suprises.


The Heated EP

Set List

Current set list is about thirty minutes long, with about half of the songs pulled from the EP. Usually one cover song is thrown in.