The Heathens

The Heathens


Don’t come to The Heathens looking for virtuosos, no coming for 10 minute solos. The Heathens are stripped out blues n one-twos, solid grooves & white-hot tubes. The Heathens have the dogged get up n go to play rock n roll the way we feel it should be played, the way it needs to be, torn & frayed.


Tight 50's Chicago blues and raucous early rock n roll heavily influence The Heathens music. Rooted in a kind of stripped out, ragged blues, the songs also take something from early punk/proto-punk bands such as The Velvet Underground, The MC5 and The Stooges. This adds a wild, discordant even volatile edge to the music leading to unpredictable results. Noisy, high-energy, almost confrontational performances drag the audience into this music to make you move


The Heathens EP
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Set List

Sets are usually 45 minutes long.
We have enough material to play for an hour including some blues covers.