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"The Heatskores CD Release 2005"

Surpringly this was my first opportunity to see Constable Brennan, and unfortunately my last one too, as this was the band's last show. They are a punk band with a hint of a ska influence. Although ska purists might consider their take on Pressure Drop to be ska blasphemy, I have to say it was very interesting and I liked it a lot. As you can tell from the pictures, Constable Brennan likes to have fun during their set and are definitely a band full of energy. It is a shame they are finished as a band, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that will miss seeing them live.

The Threat played second. A local psychobilly band. After hearing their set, I must say I'm definitely going to check out more psycho and rockabilly bands. Although they didn't have an upright bass (which is just sexy in sound and appearance), they did have a great sound. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a psychobilly web zine...

This was my first time seeing The Legendary Klopkes. I had seen pictures of these guys on kidwithcamera and knew they would be a band full of anticts. They are a band that definitely tries to get the crowd going, and they did somewhat succeed. Although their sound really isn't for me, I wouldn't feel like I'm doing my "job" if I weren't to recommend this band to people who really like punk music.

Last up was why everyone was here tonight, The Heatskores. Their new cd has been years in the making and I know many people who are quite excited that it is finally here. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the cd yet, I can assure you it is worth the money. Top notch recording quality and if you like The Heatskores, you'll love the cd. I'll be sure to make sure a cd review goes up in the near future. They played the best set I have seen them play. I mention this everytime I see them, but it just has to be mentioned, their energy is just insane. I have seen these guys rock out to an empty dancefloor, and like tonight, to a full dancefloor. They fuckin' rock the crowd...big or small. It is a shame I wasn't able to make the Oshawa CD release party, as I know their following there is just huge. Keep up the good work guys. - 4th Wave

"Ska Fest @ The Dungeon"

OSHAWA LOVES The Heatskores. It was mind-blowing to see such a response for The Heatskores. I've been to shows where no one has been dancing for these guys, but at this show they were definitely the crowd favourite. It was really great to see this band get the respect they deserve. They didn't disappoint the crowd at all by playing one of the best sets I've seen them put on. Being at the front of the stage trying to take some pictures I think I got pelvic thrusted more than a pornstar. -


1999 - "Who The Fuck Do You Think You're Talking to?" EP

2000 - "Teriyaki's Revenge!" EP

2002 - "Fuck 'em All, Big or Small" LP

2003 - "Stomp Records: All-Skanadian Club 4"
Single = 'Brutah Ska'

2003 - "GoGoGo Records: Fuck The Cool Kids"
Singles = 'Commercial Success'
'Hopelessly High'
'I'll Break Your Face'
'Dont Wanna Be American'

2005 - "Smile ... Tomorrow Will Be Worse" LP



Since forming in 1998 The Heatskores have brought a live show that is unlike any other band out there with an insane amount of energy, many times leaving the crowd stunned, the stage in shambles and themselves covered in blood sweat and beer.

Refusing to just rehash the same old cliched Punk Rock tunes they mix Punk Rock, Ska, 80's Hardcore, and Rockabilly influences into their own brand of loud and aggresive music. They have played numerous amounts of shows throughout Ontario, and have braved the fury of the Canadian Eastern Provinces winter season for 2 East Coast tours. They have constantly had to deal with some of the worst luck that can happen, but always seem to pull through stronger and even more determined to stick to their strong DIY ethics rather than just bow down to the corporate swill that is spreading through the genre. They have songs on numerous comps including Stomp Records All-Skanadian Club 4, and have released 2 completely DIY Full length tapes, and 2 full length albums. The Heatskores have recently teamed up with Pink Skull Records for their latest album "Smile... Tomorrow Will Be Worse" which is distributed in Canada by Sonic Unyon.