The Heavenly River
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The Heavenly River

Sauerlach, Bavaria, Germany | SELF

Sauerlach, Bavaria, Germany | SELF
Band World Jazz


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2010 CD

Borbera (5:37)
The Butterfly (8:28)
The Awakening (4:56)
Shri Durga (7:49)
Fatima (4:53)
Playing in joy (7:46)
Chaitanya (8:05)

2001: CD "The Light" on the label of J.R.C.
2001: audiocassette of the same name

The Heavenly River - 13.55
Arabian Fantasy - 8.33
Vishnumaya - 11.33
Birth of the Universe - 13.50
Vishva Vandita - 13.55



THE HEAVENLY RIVER was formed in 1998 in Kiev (Ukraine).

The present band staff, completed in 2002, predominantly perform music of acoustic nature based on traditions of Slavic melodies, euro-american and oriental music. The artists' quest resulted in somewhat a fusion of musical styles and cultural traditions of the East and the West that gives space for the seeking for the original form and sound of a composition.

Since its formation "The Heavenly River" has taken part in a number of Ukrainian jazz and other festivals (example: World Music Festival KRAINA MRIY-2007) as well as international festivals in Italy (example: Culture of Spirit Festival-2009,2010 -, Greece, Austria, Germany, Russia and participated in various types of concerts.

They have regularly played at the musical clubs in different towns of Ukraine, were guests of several musical TV and Radio program (example: 'Resheto' on TET TV Channel, Kiev) where they gave a performance and an interview.

The year 2001 saw their debut album "The Light". The album was made in collaboration with Alexey Kabanov (who imbued the music with the sound of particular instruments: sitar, santoor, rubab) and Sergey Roshchin (who played ethnic flutes).

The year 2010 made the album "Living Water". In "The Light" and in "Living Water" , the main theme was the state of harmony and unity with Nature, as well as Spiritual Enlightenment.

The music of the group "The Heavenly River" can be defined as a World Music, World-Fusion, Ethno-Jazz and has a unique concept. It is based on a particular rhythmic foundation called "taal" that is played on the Indian drum instrument "tabla".

Named "fusion", the music is compiled from different musical styles and direction, including Ukrainian (Slavic) folk melodies and Indian classical music (Raga), all blended together with several elements of jazz: rhythm, harmony, improvisations. In this way, the unique form of this music was created, based on the ethnic foundations of different cultures.

Before the group came together, every one of the four performers had been on an artistic exploration, each seeking their way in seemingly never-converging musical styles. Sergey Isakov and Sergey Puchkov had been members of rock groups and then graduates of an Indian Academy of Music and Fine Arts, where Sergey Isakov mastered the Indian slide-guitar, while Sergey Puchkov was developing skills in playing the tabla drums. Valeria Marchenko (pianist) and Ruslan Pashynskyi (saxophonist), both music professors, before joining "The Heavenly River", participated in different jazz projects.

Due to the spiritual basis and the absence of a vocal element, the admirers and audiences of "The Heavenly River" are not defined by age or any other criteria. Anyone can find something personal in their music, which evokes joy and a state of harmony in the listener.

The philosophy of "The Heavenly River" is determined by the spiritual standpoint of its founders. "The deep inner world matters for us more than anything else. Our name fully depicts the music we play" - says Sergey Isakov, the group's leader.

Their music gives auspiciousness and brings positive energy and it is not as much a musical experience as rather that of Spirit. On stage the band which has its own individual sound combined with light and spiritual harmony. That experience they increased from the spiritual practice

"The purpose of our music - to bring peace to the souls of human beings, to release their inner world, make them kinder and lighter. We believe in the idea of the positive influence of music on your personality...."

Sergey Isakov - leader of the group

He was born in the Urals, in the town of Asbest, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Russia. Music was always there from the earliest days of his life - his father played on guitar, bayan and many other instruments and that formed his love for music - and being a young schoolboy he attended musical hobby group where he learned to play the bayan.
On leaving school he entered the Technical Secondary School of Mining Industry, then served in the Army and there he played in the Army Orchestra and Ensemble. After the service he prepared on his own for the entering exams for the Bayan Department of the Asbest School of Music (ASM). There he met Sergey Puchkov with whom he has been friends up to the current moment.
ASM-leavers, first they worked in Sochi with the group called 'Pulsar' that played art-rock. Then they moved to town of Prypyat, just 1 kilometer from the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. When Chornobyl blew up on 26 April 1986 they were there, in Prypyat.
In 1991, by that time they were living and working in Kyiv, they opened Sahaja Yoga for themselves. Meditation and knowledge acquired through practicing Sahaja Yoga gradually and effortlessly balanced the overall physical and mental state and health, damaged due to Chornobyl.
The music of The Heavenly ri