The Heavies

The Heavies

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They’re a bunch of mis-matched music lovers that have come together with the sole purpose of bringing fun back into rock music and have resulted in a genre they have lovingly named ‘Sugar Blues’. They have 1 rule, to have a good time, all the time, and they want their fans to do the exact same thing.


The Heavies are your new favourite five piece sugar blues rock & roll band. They play all or nothing, intense, high energy, everything in the red, 70's style Rock & Roll.

Described as "The MC5 playing the Rolling Stones at a backyard wedding in the Deep South" They’ve been compared to the likes of the Jim Jones Revue and the King Canons and since their formation in late 2011 have been making a lasting impression up and down the East Coast of Australia.

They met as friends playing in 5 different bands across Sydney and came together when they realized there was a lack of good time rock & roll and party shirts amongst they gigs they were attending in the Sydney nightlife.

Their main goal is to have fun and deliver a gut busting live show and remind people why we went to go see live music in the first place. The Heavies are all about having a good time, all of the time, as they make it their mission to get you grooving and shaking to their brand of Rock. If the night ends with everyone sweaty, some naked and some just plain ol' passed out you're either at Schoolies or The Heavies just finished their set.

So I guess what we're saying is... Well mannered musicians that you can take home and introduce to your parents are coming. So don't lock up your daughters... Just set a reasonable curfew.
The Heavies – Not as heavy as you think.



Written By: The Heavies

Sun is shining and the sky is blue,
There ain’t nothing I’d rather do,
No place to be, just stumbling round,
Watchin pretty mumma’s walking through our town,

Take it easy then you take it slow,
Todays the day I wear my hair down low,
I hear you talking but my heads in space,
No ones going to wipe this smile off my face,

I remember when I cared for the rules,
Now I date girls from 3 different schools,

BABY I got nothing to say,
WOAH I gotta get me some,
BABY I got nothing to say,
WOAH I gotta get me some,

You call me up can’t I have a break,
I was dreaming but now I’m awake,
Tuesday night is my Christmas eve,
Mistress Wednesday I hate when she leaves,

My heads Cold, from an icy shot,
My tongues burning and it’s getting hot,
There’s no space for you to ring in,
Nothings going to crawl around under my skin.

Chorus x 2


Double Single Release - Boogie & Jayne - 2012