the Heavy Empty

the Heavy Empty

 New York City, New York, USA

melodic ambient rock. check it out, it's genuine--if you love it..please, let us know!


Music for superheroes.

The record is a musical narrative fit for the big screen--5 mini-symphonies creating cinematic grandeur through a series of conflicts and resolutions, tension and release. The impressive instrumental composition lead by trumpets, guitars, and even the occasional chinese violin take the listener along through familiar emotions. The Heavy Empty hits even closer to home than traditional bands by using the absence of lyrics to allow the listener’s past to dicate what memories are solicited.

The band’s mixture of brooding melodrama and rock bombast creates a filling sound, the underlinings of which pull from icons such as Death Cab for Cutie, or Taking Back Sunday, yet with a more melodic, contemplative sound reminisce to Explosions in the Sky. Like Explosions in the Sky, it wouldn’t take a leap to envision the Heavy Empty scoring movies in the near future.


some rumors are true. (2011, ShortAlbum)

with a will, there's a way. (2012, ShortAlbum)