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the heavyheads


A tasteful mix of modern and classic, the Heavyheads embody the idealism and purity of roots rock without being a recreation of the past. While the glory days of rock n roll are an influence, the Heavyheads maintain their own identity by creating an entirely new sound that's much more relevant today


Since convening in late 2005, the Heavyheads quickly became one of Milwaukee's hardest-working bands, headlining a full slate of shows at bars, clubs, and festivals in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison, consistently drawing hundreds of loyal fans and curious newcomers alike.

The Heavyheads recently completed recording of their sophomore album at Chicago's Engine Studios. The 13-track follow-up to 2006's critically-acclaimed debut marks a big stride forward for the Heavies. Both intricate and loose, the album is sure to be among one of the Midwest's best releases of 2008. Look for the album to be available by July.

The Heavyheads are a five-piece electric band hailing from Brew Town, WI, USA. A throwback to the heydays of 60's & 70's rock n' roll, The Heavyheads channel the sounds of roots rock, soul, folk and blues. Electric guitars and undeniably danceable beats come together to create an exciting platform to showcase their commanding lead vocalist and vocal harmonies. Their original music houses a wide range of influences including The Band, The Faces, Robert Johnson, and Neil Young. The energy and chemistry of this Milwaukee-area group can be best felt and heard in their live performances where they reveal their aptitude for tight-knit compositions and improvisational jams.


The Kitchen's On Fire

Written By: The Heavyheads

Riding with the heat subsiding, glory be
Slow going, winter's floating in Albuquerque

Sun is tired
Moon is feeling blue
Tell me how 'bout you?

Rising with a new horizon it's a rest I know
Good Friday, seventh highway, praise Chicago

Sun is tired
Moon is feeling blue
Tell me how 'bout you?
She says it's a mystery
Why'd you leave?
I am feeling so cold

Roll On

Written By: The Heavyheads

Well now roll on brother to your mother's tearing eye
Roll on brother 'cause you know you lost all your pride
You can’t hold this dam with a blunt and a bootleg of the Dead
Past East Street and hold the pedal till you get to Tampa Red

Roll on brother to your sister’s bended knee
You best pick up your things and run with the bottle of niacin
Yeah, roll on brother to the debtor’s overhand
Where the water speaks with a silver tongue and the deaf ears just hold you down

When you’re gone you’re gone
And you ain’t never going back
When you're gone you're gone
Gotchya moving down a one way track
Since seven sun rose soon enough for you to satisfy your sole
Then roll, roll, roll, roll on brother

Morning Train

Written By: The Heavyheads

There's nothing left to think about but the morning train
and the only thing that's certain is that times must change
Don't leave it in, don't let it out or try to put it back together again
it's neither here nor there, so don't you dare get caught in the rain

I'm leaving on that morning train
I'll never call this home again

Well, if I was to look around at the here and now
I'll cut this place right down if they let me somehow
Stop what you say, 'cause here's what I'll do
I'll keep on singing for a minute or two
'Cause in the end you know that I don't care and baby neither do you

I'm leaving on that morning train
I'll never call this home again
I'm leaving on the morning train
I'll never be back again


Our self-titled debut LP, recorded with WAMI Award-winning producer Ramie Espinoza at Firebird Studios, was released in May 2006. The album of all-original material contains eight songs, including Morning Train, Teller, and The Kitchen's on Fire, which has received airplay on 91.7 WMSE and FM 102.1 in Milwaukee.

A recording of our live performance on 91.7 WMSE on December 12, 2006 is available to stream at

The Heavyheads's sophomore album, recently recorded at Chicago's Engine Studios, will be released early summer 2008.

Set List

A typical show lasts 2-3 hours and may be split into two sets. Our set list generally includes about 80% originals and 20% covers.

Original songs:
The Kitchen's On Fire
Morning Train
Brand New Heart
Roll On Brother
Half Life
Move Out the Way of Yourself
She's Automatic
Everyday Blues
Pride Aside
For Memories & Alibis
Rusty Moon
January's Gone
Even Country
Crime of the Season
Brand New Smile
I Can See Everything
Wake Up Annie
Blow the Dust Off
Traveling Sideways

Cover List:
Hey Hey - Led Zeppelin
One Way Out - Allman Brothers
The Weight - The Band
Don't Do It - The Band
I Shall Be Released - The Band
Walk On - Neil Young
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young
Deal - Grateful Dead
Willin' - Little Feat
Jealous Again - Black Crowes
No Speak No Slave - Black Crowes
Good Friday - Black Crowes
Shake Your Money Maker - Black Crowes
Nonfiction - Black Crowes
Girl From a Pawnshop - Black Crowes