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The best kept secret in music


"The Rock Report - That Festival Feeling"

The Heck, Buffalo Club

Bif Naked's label stands to have a great 2005 with bands like Todd Kerns' VBR, along with the "Kid" brother in the form of The Heck. Not one member of this trio is old enough to be in a bar and barely old enough to buy smokes. They have somehow managed to become tighter musicially than most bands twice their age. Absolutely monster musicians sitting somewhere between old Stones and The Hives. Determined to bring back the "hammer-on" solo, 16 year old lead guitarist Brian Steeksma stepped up to the mic and blew the doors off the Buffalo Club. In order to be this good the band must have started jamming together shortly after their individual births. - City Now

"E-Today Reviews"

The Heck: The Heck (HRM/Bodog)

This trio is still teenaged but it plays with an assurance beyond its years. It's hard rock, basically bordering on heavy metal of a backdated kind, circa the '70s. The direction and most of the songs come from guitarist Bryan Steeksma who has provided a few flashy, white-hot solos and throws in a few fills atop a generally thick-sounding attack. Though the songwriting is generally so-so, a few songs stand out and show what potential The Heck has, "Sin" and "Painted Red" to name just two.

Tom Harrison - The Vancouver Province

"The Heck, Buffalo Club"

Chart Attack Nov 2004
New Music West Review
By J Englishman

9:45 p.m. The Heck, Buffalo Club

Bif Naked’s Her Majesty’s Records showcase is jammed. I arrive to catch the last of The Heck’s captivating raucous set of buzzsaw rock as they absolutely destroy an audience of rock kids, rockstars and a gaggle of industry. I instantly hate them. Not because they’re bad. But because their average age is 17, and at 17 I could still barely tune my guitar let alone inspire the frenzy and excitement these kids did. Rich Priske summed it up with "The Heck has renewed my faith in rock ‘n’ roll." High praise. The Heck are coming. If you are a musician over 20, they will make you feel like you have accomplished nothing in your life. Consider yourself warned.

- Chart Attack

"The Heck Album Review"

THE HECK S/T (Bodog Music / Warner)
The Heck have got to be one of those bands that older, more established bands hate: The trio aren't even out of high school yet, but they're still more skilled than musicians twice their age. Even their songwriting is beyond their years, particularly on biting anthems like "Black Tags" and the thundering "Song #29." But one of the best examples of young Heck attitude is on "Photo On Your Wall," a kiss-off to an amorous stalker that brilliantly showcases the edgy moodiness underscoring their guitar-driven melodies. In The Heck's case, the kids aren't alright and that is a damn good thing. Caitlin Hotchkiss Sept 2005 -

"The Heck in The Pulse"

The Heck
The Heck are the most delicious sort of
surprise—like the good little Christian girl
sitting in church wearing studded leather gitch
under her Sunday best—the band seduces
listeners with its pin–up good looks and
innocent name before tying them up and
breaking out the chains with one of the thickest,
crunchiest sonic assaults in recent memory.
Unlike other bands investigating similar hard
rock/punk (My Chemical Romance anyone?),
The Heck never ventures beyond the
mid–tempo; achieving a heavyweight’s slam
rather than a welterweight’s dance. Drummer
Amanda Hamilton keeps the beats
exceptionally simple; allowing singer Bryan
Streeksma all the room he can handle for
melodies and, when words fail him, to throw on
the flash and dazzle with his Bruce Dickinson
via CeCe Deville guitar. As aggressive as The
Heck is throughout their debut, it’s hard to
ignore the sense of malicious playfulness that
runs beneath the surface of “Required Rise”
and “Painted Red” among others that’s as
off–putting as it is enticing. Like the girl in
studded leather, no matter what atrocious
embarrassment and humiliation The Heck put
you through, you’ll still come back begging for
more. (Bodog Music)
- The Pulse


The Heck - The Heck (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Teen Phenoms? Exactly!! These 17 & 18 year olds have been blowing people away with their live performances. This is a reactive band that has earned fans from screaming teens, to people of all ages who love the playing ability of the band. They are more than a teen group they are a national touring act who has already shared the stage with Evanescence, Bif Naked, Colin James, Glass Tiger and blown the roof off the Commodore Ballroom in their home town of Vancouver Canada, as well as a monsterous show at the Calgary Stampede. From skate shops, to punk rock clubs, to festival stages. They are the buzz band at every industry showcase they play including 2004 New Music West, 2005 Canadian Music Week & 2005 NXNE.

The Heck are scheduled for a US release in the first quarter of 2006 on Bodog Music / Sony RED and a European release in mid 2006.

"There is more Charisma and talent in that band than there is in half the music industry combined"
-Ggggarth Richardson (Producer)

"Absolutely monster musicians sitting somewhere between old Stones and The Hives"
Dunner (CFOX)

"If you are a musician over 20, they will make sure feel like you have accomplished nothing in your life. Consider yourself warned"
-J. Englishman, (reporting at New Music West 2004)

"I actually mesmerized by this band and I can say that I can not remember when I've been this impressed"
-Rob Pattee (Agent - SLFA)

"The Heck are amazing at any age, it doesn't matter that they are teenagers its just simply amazing talent"
-Neil Morrison (Brother Bill-Radio Personality - Edge 102.1 Toronto/ CFOX Vancouver)

"Their music, a smart fusion of new rock and old classic a la Led Zeppelin and The Doors, made a fan of me in less than the time it took me to loose interest in Hedley"
-Youthink Magazine

"The Heck has renewed my faith in rock 'n' roll"
-Rich Priske (Matt Good bassist)