The Heddy Brothers

The Heddy Brothers

 Stillwater, New York, USA

Our songs are fun to dance to and to sing along to. My gf said this about one of our songs, "this song could be about dead babies and I would still want to get up and dance to it." We have so much fun writing rehearsing and playing out live that we must be doing something right.


Dave and I got together as the Heddy Brothers back in early 2006 for a gig at Valentines. We were playing just cover tunes then - Flaming Lips, Eels, Meat Puppets, etc. When we reconstituted the band in September 2009, we picked up with the same old cover tunes, and also added a couple originals to our repertoire. These were just my first few compositions, but we decided then that we'd try to follow the path of an "all original" rock band. With a lot of support and encouragement from both Dave and Veronica, I began to put pen to paper and sketch out the cord progressions and lyrics for more originals. After about ten songs tumbled out, we began to look around for other players with hopes of binging the act together for public consumption. Dave met Chris Dogias via MySpace - Chris had his stuff posted to his page and Dave sent the link over to me for a listen. At the time, Chris happened to be looking for a band to play with. I remember the first night he came by Dave's house for a jam session back in December 2009; it was like the most awkward blind date you have ever been on. But Chris was so open to what we were doing, and so eager to play, we knew right away he was exactly what we were looking for. It was kinda like he dropped down from the sky and landed in Dave's living room with his guitar & amp, tuned up and ready to play. Karmic. The first time I met Chris Sousie was October 30th 2009. I remember it well; we were hanging out at Nick's place watching "The Big Lebowski" while the girls carved pumpkins for the Halloween Party. I found out then that he was a drummer, but I never really gave any thought to having him join the band until we started routing around for drummers in January 2010. I was able to get back in touch with him in February; turns out the guy has a veracious appetite for music and a mountain of enthusiasm for playing. By that time, we had moved the practice room into the garage because the band was getting too big, and too loud for the living room. That first night, he played (and froze) his ass off - we knew right away we had our band. When we met Cris and Chris, the songs were all half-done. These guys found every note, and every beat. Week after week, as we listened back to the recordings from rehearsals we could hear each tune taking shape. Dave put a ton of effort in to sound engineering and getting the recordings out to us every week so that we could listen back as we developed the "Heddy Brothers sound." This has been a key element for us - without his effort and encouragement, you would not be reading (or listening to) this right now. Assuming anyone has actually read this far down the page. So now we are looking to share our art with you. This is our humble expression of life and we hope you like it. And we want your feedback too - anytime, anywhere, for any reason - let us know what you think. The Heddy Brothers play songs about life!


The Last Fighting Tommy

Written By: John Hill

The last fighting Tommy died today
Took with him the secrets of the war to his grave
Back when 17 he joined the war machine
As Lewis gunners thunder up and down the western line
Told them they were fighting a war to end all wars
Thought that there would be no more
Time was no match for old Harry Patch
A hundred eleven trips around the sun
Nobody knows the seeds that Harry sowed
The war begot, the deeds that only Devils wanted done
Told them they were fighting a war to end all wars
Told them there would be no more
Thought that they were fighting the war to end all wars
Thought that there would be no more
Well man’s found many ways to blow himself away
While a hundred children go without enough to drink or eat
Though that tune has changed the song remains the same
We keep the peace by building missiles, bombs and loading guns
Thought that they were fighting the war to end all wars
Thought that there would be no more
Told us we were fighting a war to end all wars
Told us this would even up the score
Well what did Harry think when he saw the twin towers sink
Could it be that he believed that we should rush to war
Or rather would he say to the men who rule the day?
Your war is not the way to make the world a safer place
Told us we were fighting a war to end all wars
Told us there would be no more
Thought that we were fighting the war to end all wars
Thought that this would even up the score
A hundred years from now will man have figured out
How to solve disputes without the use of force to keep the truce?


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