The Heelers

The Heelers


The Heelers are a country influenced blue collar rock band. Music for adults, most of whom have seen the ugly side of life in America.


The Heelers are highly influenced by classic country music as well as classic rock and roll. Artists from Buck Owens to Bruce Springsteen are very responsible for The Heelers' take on music. Paste Magazine said, "The Heelers' have put a Bob Mould kind of twist on a Flatlanders style songwriter."


The Heelers are currently recording their first studio record. The working title "The Devil On Your Shoulder," should be released in the later part of 2009. Songwriter Isaac Hoskins has one complete studio record to his credit. It is entitled "Half Empty." Released in the later part of 2008 "Half Empty" has already been featured on London's "House of Mercy", a radio show that is fronted by London's very own Barry Everitt and features the Americana genre'.

Set List

Our normal set is 60-90 minutes long, we play 98% original music. We may throw an old Neil Young, or The Who song in the mix for grins.