The Heirs of Eiffel Tower

The Heirs of Eiffel Tower


The Heirs of Eiffel Tower is a band that is more than just skin deep...THOET have meaningful lyrics and subtle musical phrasing. There is always something new to be heard upon examining a song a second or third time and so on...


A celebration of the outsider is a constant theme within the music from The Heirs of Eiffel Tower. They have been labeled as appealing to shy teenagers, seekers, and outcasts. Most of their content glorifies the utter failure of relationships and the desire for new ones. Detractors have described 'The Heirs' work as depressing, yet fans point to the bittersweet connection with which their songs' frequent references to failed love and loss refer to.

Whether in love, thought, or unpleasantness, the guitars, synths, bass and drums (by members Joe Saville, Aaron Moore, and Jeb Stager) only create the dark yet vivid backdrop for the emotions conveyed through 'The Heirs' one voice and recognizable sound. It has been described as a raw symphony of dark textures and melodic discourse.

The human heart rate is one of four vital signs in life. This heart, long used as a symbol referring to the emotional, moral, and intellectual core of a human being is a reoccurring theme in 'The Heirs' music. Drums convey the heart in all its states; i.e. slow, fast, distraught, pained, etc. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human mind, its depiction is referenced time after time in 'The Heirs' work from Joe's moving voice to Jeb's sweeping guitars. Aaron adds to all of this by creating the pulse through his driving yet emotional bass lines and grooves.

Some of 'The Heirs' content is more literal while other parts are very discrete and mysterious. It's up to the listener to interpret what is being conveyed with each piece. Depending on one's mood, an evaluation of the same situation in song can in-turn result favorably or maliciously. Respectively, such assessments can apply strongly to a person's expectation... and currently the expectations and enthusiasm for this new group from Portland Oregon is very high.


Self-Titled EP released 2006
We are currently working on demos for another EP to be released at the end of 2007.

Set List

Our sets range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour...We play all original music.