The Heise Bros.

The Heise Bros.


Indie Americana Rock! Imagine the Kinks on a date with Wilco, and Paul Westerberg is lurking in the trees. All tied together with a nice sevenities vibe.


Born a Leo in New Concord, Ohio in 1977; Nelson Heise began his musicial career by avoiding piano and french horn lessons as an adolescent, only to find a love for rock 'n' roll and the guitar in his teenage years. In 1995 he formed the group Munkey Juice and MJ's Career spanned 11 years. Nelson also played in the bands Jackass, The Gidddyup Jesus and The Altergnats. Influenced heavily by The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, Pixies and Camper Van Beethoven he has been writing origanl material since the early days of MJ.

In 1980, another Heise was born in the sign of the Taurus. Robert Heise is the co-founding member of Munkey Juice, and Nelson's younger brother. Not intially inclined to music as much as his brother, Robert devoted much of his youth to athletics (which would come in handy given his stage performance with the Juice). In need of a bass player, Nelson recruited Robert to become the bass man for MJ, and thus the musicial union was born. Much like Dave Davies, Ray Davies younger brother of the Kinks, Robert's songwriting can be overshadowed by his older brother's, but don't take Robert's contributions lightly; he also has the gift of song.

LISTEN & LEARN with THE HEISE BROS. was the first release by the brothers under this name, check out the band Munkey Juice for more info on their past releases. THE CONTINUING SAGA of THE HEISE BROS. is their sophomore effort. This album builds of the strong points of LISTEN & LEARN and adds a touch more rock. Again, a lot of the material reflects personal expereinces the brothers have faced or seen in those close to them.


The Continuing Saga of The Heise Bros.
Listen & Learn with The Heise Bros.

Set List

Stream of Conscience
For Me
Spin Around
Lady Luck
Don’t Say Goodbye
Old Man
Cold, Cold Days
Figure Anything Out
Ol’ Grey Underwear
Alma Marie
Alone Forever
Buttons For Lisa
Gives You The Blues
Seven Long Years
The Revenge of the Self-Imposed Hero
Dead Flowers