The Heist and the Accomplice

The Heist and the Accomplice


we sound like les savy fav mixed with a little q and not u and a pinch of deathcab.


our sound really is something different. a lot of bands say that. whenever we try to describe our sound to someone else all we can say is "different", either that or list our influences. the only thing to do is listen to the music. we formed in spring 2004. we've been on two east coast tours. our ages are 18,18,20, and 21


Vocals and Orchestrations LP (2005)
Improvement LP (2006)
Heist Sampler (2007)

our songs are available for download on our myspace.

Set List

our sets depend on the show we have folky stuff and then more artsy material. we usually mix it up pretty even. our sets are also from 30-60mins, again depending on how much time we are given we'll play as long or short as we're supposed to. we like encores.