The Helldorados

The Helldorados


The Helldorados are a hard rockin', in your face, high energy mix of down home Delta, Chicago, Memphis and Austin mojo crankin' blues.


Simply put, The Helldorados are an in your face, hard rockin' blues band. Their diverse yet similar backrounds, consummate professionalism, and drive to be the best band in the South, have kicked these guys into high gear. Formed in early 2003, The Helldorados have become a force to reckon with in the local South Florida music scene as they combine powerful vocals, scorching guitar work and "in the pocket" rhythms that keep the people in the mood for their "Blues In Your Face" approach. Armed with a recently re-tooled rhythm section, The Helldorados capture all the mojo and fatback you can handle.

Lead Vocalist - Greg M, made the obligatory trek from New York to South Florida in 1990. He's been singing since he was a child and has been a member of numerous bands in his lifetime. Greg grew up in a musical household and has always admired the vocal stylings of Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday; at the same time he loves experimental vocalists such as Mike Patton and Björk. In addition to his musical life, Greg's been a longtime cast member of Miami's famed improvisational comedy troupe Laughing Gas. He's also worn the mask of radio disc jockey and was "on the air" in South Florida for several years.

Guitarist - Shane Kelly, a Boston native, moved to South Florida 15 years ago. Prior to moving he played professionally around the Northeast as a guitarist and bassist with national blues acts. Since moving to Florida, he has been a big part of the original music scene. Shane is equally proficient on guitar and bass, he also plays slide guitar and percussion. He is also an arranger/producer who has produced numerous demos for acts in both Florida and Boston which have signed to major labels.

Bassist - Mike Simms, has been playing bass over 20 years. He recently moved from the Central Florida area where he performed with Atlantic Recording Artist, Jay Owens. Mike has also performed with Beautiful Bobby Blackmon as well as numerous R&B, Blues, Country and Classic Rock acts. His influences include James Jamerson, Jaco, Rocco Prestia and Victor Wooten.

Drummer - Gonzalo Martinez De La Cotera, (Gonz), the son of Cuban Exiles, grew up in a household filled with Rock and Roll and began teaching himself to play drums at the age of 10. His natural talent won him many music awards throughout his academic years and he was playing professionally by the age of 16. Gonz played with many great local Miami rock bands where he eventually got his first recording contract. Not too soon after, he moved to NYC where he began playing in a much more diverse music scene. His most recent endeavor was manning the drum kit for NYC band, Marcy Playground.


The Helldorados - 2004, Island City Records - Indie

"Sunday Song" currently in rotation on WKPX 88.5fm, Sunday Blues with Dar show- South Florida

Set List

The Helldorados come prepared to perform up to 4 + sets of music. Each set will last 45 minutes to an hour and are a mix of originals and a smattering of "Helldorado-ized" cover songs. When the band chooses to cover a song, they will listen to the song, play it as it is, then "Helldorado-ize" it - which means they may change the arrangement, switch lyrical content, just make it their own - all the while staying true to the original.

The Helldorados are always in the process of writing new original songs. In fact, they are gearing up to head into the studio very soon to begin recording their debut CD which will be primarily originals with a few select covers thrown in for good measure. The band is expecting to hit the studio in late 2005.