The Hellraisers
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The Hellraisers

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Livin In Da Ghetto (2003)

The Journey (2005)

Back On Track (2006)

Don't Get The Name Twisted Mixtape (2009-2010)



The Prologue:
Lets start out with the basics. First off, DONT GET THE NAME TWISTED! Yes we're called "The Hellraisers" and Yes was do Gospel Hip Hop! When we were younger, we were always getting into some kind of mischief. We were young kids with BIG imaginations and the elders would see us around the neighborhood and laugh and joke like" Hahaha, Look at those little hellraisers." As we got older, the name took on a whole new meaning. As we learned more about Jesus Christ and the Lord, we wanted to be "Souljahs" in this war against the evils and sins that plague humanity today. We wanted to Flip the "Hellraiser" name against the Devil show him the we are willing to FIGHT! With our music we are slapping, poking, prodding, show no mercy and no love to the "Liar". We are "The Hellraisers" that get on the Devils nerves everyday and Night! So that's why we're proud to say "I'm A Hellraiser YeaYeah!"

The Story:
The Hellraisers have been slangin' the gospel for over 10 years. They started writing lyrics in lil Lous' 3 bedroom apartment at the age of 15. At this point in time they called themselves EBW-Z (Earth Bound Warriors). They recorded what they could on, what appeared to be, a 1980's tape recorder. From there, they moved on to the 1990's tape recorder. (you know...the one with the smaller tapes) It was at this point in time when they started calling themselves The Crock (C-Rock) and The Plague (Lil Lou): "The Hellraisers". They recorded freestyles and pen lyrics all the time. They then came to record songs that could be heard on the computer via e-mail or floppy disk. This went on until they met Charlie and entered the C-4 era.
Charlie was a local SA-Town rocker who had his very own home studio. He offered "The Hellraisers" a chance to record quality music and gave them a very good studio deal. They created their first underground album, titled: Livin' in da' Ghetto, and passed out the lyrical good news to people all over the city with no charge or cost AT ALL. Soon after that, The Hellraisers music started showing up on cell phones as ringers, on "best of" cd mixes, and even in other cities such as Chicago, Houston, New York, and Washington D.C.
In 2004, one half of The Hellraisers, Lil' Lou, entered a rap competition called the "Rip da' Right Rhyme" contest. In round one, he lyrically assassinated the local San Antonio rappers and headed out for round two of the contest in Houston, Texas. After burning the other contestants with his lyrical fire in Houston, he headed off to New York for the third and final round of the competition. Once again, lil' Lou swept his combatants off their feet and won himself a trip to the Bahamas with a chance to open a concert for rap stars MC Lite, Curtis Blow and Houdini.
The Hellraisers now record all of their music at the church, Dios Restaura. They've recorded more new songs and have many more on the way. Apart from originating lyrics with no cursing, Hellraiser, c-Rock, creates completely original beats for the rap dual to manifest their lyrics on. Recently their songs have been playing on ipods and mp3 players, along with underground albums "The Journey", and "Hellraisers the collection: c-Rock edition". There is a new album on the way so dont miss it.