The Help

The Help


The Help is a rock band. Our music is powerful and dramatic from the push and pull of catchy song writing and musicianship. We are a live band because our show is a train of energy and we are a studio band because our songs are deeply layered. Our music remains relevant because we are awake.


The Help is a four piece rock band from Boston, MA. Together since 1999, they have shared the stage with nationally prominent acts Dispatch and Cake as well as countless others over the years. The Help blends rock, pop, punk, funk, blues, and jazz into a sound purely their own. Experienced, inspired, and emboldened by today's bland musical landscape, the Help is poised to break out in a big, big way.


The Spider (2009)
Whisper (2008) *featured on Boston Radio 929*
Thunder & Bison (2007)

Champions of Breakfast - 2009
In A Stunning Display of Athleticism - 2008

Set List

Our set is composed of original material and a range of covers including songs by Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers