The Help Desk

The Help Desk


The Help Desk infuses the pulp of pop with the essence of soul, rock, blues, and jazz in a tornado of hooks and blitzkrieg of harmonies, reclaiming pop from the basement of guilty pleasure.


With the rhythmic sense of the dustiest Motown record; gritty guitars that cut solos like Ginsu; plush harmonies that tuck you in at night; and lead vocals richly reminding the listener how good a marriage of melody and meaning can be.

This isn't just pop music...its diversapop!

Paul Gongola- guitar/keys/bass/backing vox

Erik Widmark- vocals/guitar

Venues The Help Desk has played:
Subterranean, The Note, Wise Fools Pub, Elbo Room, Martyr's, Betty's Blue Star Lounge, Silvie's Lounge, Good Times Pub, Tonic Room,


"Peel The Sun" full length album released 2009

"less worse" ep released in 2006

Set List

Usually 1 set. 30 to 90 minutes of all original music. Sometimes play covers. Can play multiple sets over 2 hours as well.